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EDDIE WOODS was born to Italian-American parents in New York City on May 8th 1940. At age 20, facing the draft and not wanting to get his fingernails dirty, he joined the US Air Force for a 4-year stint, spent mostly in Germany. He subsequently lived and traveled in divers parts of Europe, North Africa and both the near & farther East, additionally crisscrossing much of the United States twice. After residing for two decades in Amsterdam (where he edited an international features magazine, ran a small English-language literary press, and was a contributing editor for the London-based underground newspaper International Times), he moved to England, passing six years in a remote corner of the Devonshire countryside until returning to Holland in the autumn of 2004.

A poet & prose writer since his mid-teens, Eddie has variously worked as a short-order cook, computer programmer, encyclopedia salesman, restaurant manager, journalist (Bangkok Post, ABC Radio News, New York Times, Tehran Journal, etc.), and radio DJ. His work has appeared in numerous online and print periodicals.

Having previously published three volumes of verse (30 Poems, Sale or Return, and an erotic fairy tale in 63 rhymed quatrains entitled The Faerie Princess), in October 2004 Eddie released his first spoken-word poetry CD, Dangerous Precipice. His book Tsunami of Love: A Poems Cycle (September 2005) is the inspired offspring of a deep romantic turmoil that could only be transcended on the wings of passionate song. The CD version, Eddie reciting the entire Tsunami of Love collection (with a special introduction added), came out in August 2007. While in January 2012, Barncott Press in London published a Kindle edition of Tsunami of Love.

In December 2011, Sloow Tapes (Stekene, Belgium) released Eddie’s The Faerie Princess & Other Poems on audio cassette.

Tennessee Williams in Bangkok, Eddie’s memoir of his adventures in Thailand and Singapore in the early 1970s, was published by Inkblot Publications (Providence, Rhode Island) in September 2013. Tennessee Williams in Bangkok is also available in a Kindle edition

Then in February 2014, Barncott Press published another Eddie Woods book, his collection of short fiction entitled Smugglers Train & Other Stories. Later the same month a cinematic adaptation of Eddie’s poem “Mary” was released online, the Yarre Stooker film Mary.

Several more books (poetry, prose, photography) are in the offing.

In 2003, Eddie’s substantial archive was acquired by Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. An archive that will be added to in due course.

Eddie Woods is also no stranger to the performance circuit, in the Netherlands and elsewhere (e.g. New York, San Francisco, London, Munich, Düsseldorf, Bangkok, etc.). In the past he appeared at several One World Poetry festivals and other Soyo Productions events, in 1992 at the North Sea Jazz Festival (poetry & jazz), followed by the Crossing Border festival, along with dozens of smaller readings all over Amsterdam. And from 1995 through till 1998, he organized much-heralded monthly poetry evenings at Café Co Meyer in Amsterdam’s Jordaan quarter. Since 2005 he has again been performing at selected venues, such as the legendary artists colony of Ruigoord for their annual poetry festival.

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Airman Eddie (1963)

Airman Eddie (Sembach Air Base, West Germany, 1963)