My Bangkok book is again available!

Yes Friends,

After having been unavailable for one month, Tennessee Williams in Bangkok
is again live on Amazon, and can also be ordered directly from the
publisher. We had this little blip (a truly minor one), but all that has now
been satisfactorily sorted. Once more, my apologies for the temporary

For ordering information, just click on the following link and scroll down a
ways. All the relevant Amazon sites are hyperlinked there for easy clicking
on. This is the link

So don’t be shy, eh. Go ahead and buy the book now! And tell your friends to
buy it. It’s not expensive and is indeed a wonderful read. Everyone who has
already read it is telling me so. And not telling me to be nice, but because
they mean it.

The reviews will be out soon. Once they are, you’ll hear about it. Yet don’t
wait for those, buy the book now. Nor is it a matter of me wanting to make
money (no worries, I won’t be!). I simply want for you to enjoy yourselves.


“Dan Yaryan, Mystic Boxing Commission/Sparring With Beatnik Ghosts has
informed me that my poem “I Am San Francisco” was viewed by 689 people in
six days on his website and his interview with me by 347 people. Now if only
some of those people actually bought a book, mine or any other writer’s, it
would doubly impress me.” – A.D. Winans in a recent mailing.

“Once I started getting into Eddie Woods’ Tennessee Williams in Bangkok I
could not put it down. And I mean that literally. I just had to read it
cover to cover at a single sitting. This is at once truly great writing and
a thoroughly delightful read. Nor do I know of anyone else who had such a
wild romance and sexual adventure as what Woods experienced with his
drag-queen lover Kim. Everything in the book is interesting, enthralling,
exciting, and strangely enlightening. Highly recommended, to say the least.”
– John McDonald (writer, filmmaker).

“Tennessee Williams in Bangkok is one of Eddie Woods’ best offerings yet,
and a story that simply had to be told. It has a touch of the classic about
it, and is timeless.” – Tony van der Veen (gentleman poet)

“Eddie Woods’ Tennessee Williams in Bangkok is a great read; very evocative of
a particular era, full of fabulous stories (and I don’t just mean the ones
about Tennessee Williams). Woods has a rare natural gift as a storyteller.
His author’s voice is charming and seductive – I surrendered to him totally
after a page or two and read straight through to the end. While in spite of
the book being in part a hymn to tranny love, one cannot help but be seduced
by Woods’ treatment of sex: frank yet not embarrassing, just enough detail
to make it believable but no yucky stuff, no cum dripping off his chin.”
– Jamie James (author of Music of the Spheres, Rimbaud in Java, etc).

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