Bangkok Confidential has been published!

Hello Everyone,

It crossed my mind to send this only to my Benelux friends.
But then I thought no, let’s tell the whole world! That my book
Bangkok Confidential has been published

The launch party went down on December 4th at Boekhandel Vrolilk in
Amsterdam, and it was fantastic! A great turnout on a bitterly cold afternoon and evening. And not just the usual suspects, either. The Dutch writer & performer Paul Schaaps recited excerpts from the book. After which Sacha de Boer (who wrote the Foreword) and I signed copies. There were drinks and snacks galore, a bloody good time was had by all, and the cash register kept going ding-a-ling. All of which adds up to a roaring success.

Bangkok Confidential is the Dutch edition of my Tennessee Williams in Bangkok that was print published in Sept 2013 and then this year released as an eBook.

The translation by Suus van de Kar is excellent. Plus Angelique van ‘t Veer’s cover design is stupendous.

Finally those who prefer reading books in Dutch as opposed to English can relish this memoir of my time in Thailand & Singapore in the early 1970s. It tells the story of my love affair with the stunning Chinese drag-queen prostitute Kim, my friendship with the great American playwright Tennessee Williams, and everything else I got up to during my more than 2-year stay in Bangkok. There’s sex, journalism, Machiavellian politics, as well as forays to Bali,
Ceylon and the USA.

I’m really excited about this, folks. My first-ever book entirely in Dutch!

Don’t read Dutch? Don’t live in Holland? Then send this mailing on to all your Dutch-speaking friends! Or buy the book and give it to them for Xmas, New Year’s or Chanukah.

Bangkok Confidential will be in bookstores throughout the Netherlands & Flanders,
and can also be purchased via 1Boek, Bruna, and Bol

Ever onward, EDDIE


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