Beer Mystic

Dear Fantabulous Fiction Fans,

I am both pleased and proud to announce that the Eddie Woods website is now hosting chapter #25 of bart plantenga’s phantasmagorical novel of ‘inebriation and light,’ Beer Mystic.

As of this writing, 44 separate excerpts from this mind-blowing book are either already appearing or very soon will be on webzines, literary sites, sympathetic e-pubs and such the world over.

And you can get to any of those excerpts from within this one.
Beer Mystic #25 is here

Go to it, read it, bookmark it. And send the link on to your friends!

Once this extraordinary literary pub crawl has completed its global web journey, the entire novel will appear in print format.

Beer Mystic, a fiction roller-coaster ride not to be missed!

I read an early draft years ago and I’m still tripping from the experience.
Imagine what might happen to you!

Exuberantly yours,

The Gangster Poet

bart plantenga mini-bio

Furman Pivo believes he [plus beer] may be the cause of a rash of streetlight outages. This sense of empowerment transforms him into the Beer Mystic. He has a mission and a mandate. Or does he? In any case, 1987 NYC will never be the same and the rest is history or myth or delusion.

“The Beer Mystic is so goddamn good at the end of the fog. The surreal, political & aesthetic levity talked to me in person. It sent me full speed into the outrageous black hole of Americana. I recommend it unconditionally; a wise, witty, poignant gift of real pleasure…”  
      * Larry McCaffery
Editor, Black Ice Books