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My Bangkok book is again available!

Yes Friends,

After having been unavailable for one month, Tennessee Williams in Bangkok
is again live on Amazon, and can also be ordered directly from the
publisher. We had this little blip (a truly minor one), but all that has now
been satisfactorily sorted. Once more, my apologies for the temporary

For ordering information, just click on the following link and scroll down a
ways. All the relevant Amazon sites are hyperlinked there for easy clicking
on. This is the link

So don’t be shy, eh. Go ahead and buy the book now! And tell your friends to
buy it. It’s not expensive and is indeed a wonderful read. Everyone who has
already read it is telling me so. And not telling me to be nice, but because
they mean it.

The reviews will be out soon. Once they are, you’ll hear about it. Yet don’t
wait for those, buy the book now. Nor is it a matter of me wanting to make
money (no worries, I won’t be!). I simply want for you to enjoy yourselves.


Eddie Woods has been around the block…

Indeed I have, folks. And now, writing in Sensitive Skin magazine, author bart plantenga tells you how many times and why. Does it in the context of
discoursing about my latest book, Tennessee Williams in Bangkok. And follows
up the telling by interviewing yours truly. It’s a lively read that pulls no
punches. And it’s here

Btw, the moment my Bangkok book is again Amazon available (there wuz this
little blip, eh), I’ll be sending out a brief mailing informing y’all. The
good Lord willing and those damn creeks don’t rise too high, I’m figuring on
no later than the end of November. So stay tuned for that, eh.

While speaking of rising creeks ‘n such, my heart definitely goes out to
those everywhere who occasionally suffer terribly from natural disasters.
And at the moment in particular to the good people of the Philippines. Back
in the 1970s, I went around many a block there and loved it. If there’s any
way you can financially help with the relief efforts, I strongly urge you to
do so. We may each be different individual critters, but in the end we are
all one. Yeah…

Ever onward with love, EDDIE

bart plantenga website

Patronage Time

Dear Friends,

Hip-hip hooray, I turned 73 today! And although thank goodness I am both healthy and creatively productive, I am also still flat broke. And therefore require financial assistance from whomever can afford to offer it. While to those who cannot, no problem! I know you would if you could and that’s what counts. Yet I will greatly appreciate whatever comes my way. Whether in the form of monthly support donations or a single contribution in any amount. Apart from ongoing ‘roof over my head, etc’ help from my best friend & guardian angel Jane, plus the occasional paying performance gig and a trickle of books & CDs sales, that is the only way I manage to keep my pretty little head above water. So that I can get on with doing what I do best, namely writing. I have recently finished penning what I feel is a significant book, Tennessee Williams in Bangkok (to be print published this autumn by Inkblot Publications in Providence, Rhode Island); come July, Yarre Stooker and I will be shooting our film Mary, starring Win Harms in the title role; and I have countless other projects waiting patiently on backburners: more books, more poems, more stories & essays, as well as the animated film version of my erotic fairytale in verse, “The Faerie Princess” (likewise with Yarre Stooker). Concerning the next installment of my Stanford archive, that has been delayed until a new curator is selected (my previous curator had to leave the university to due urgent family matters, and take up a post in her native New Zealand).

Filming The Faerie Princess

Hi y’all,

I was initially intending to do this as an email signature only. But then, looking through my mailing list (which is several hundred strong), I realized that many people on it are either themselves filmmakers (though not necessarily animators) or have contacts in the film world. So hey (thought I), why pussyfoot around? Just go for it and send out a mailing. The old tried and true Babe Ruth theory.*

And this is what I have to say:

Wanted: Animators (and producers/directors) for The Faerie Princess
I would like to see The Faerie Princess (my erotic fairly tale in verse) done as an animated film. Using the complete text of the poem, exactly as written (there are 63 quatrains, all of them rhymed). The animated visuals could either be sexually explicit (as per some of the action/activities described in the poem), or softer but nonetheless romantically sensual. The difference between what I believe in Japanese anime is called hentai and ecchi.

Death penalty drugs

Hello All,

I never thought I’d find myself making a point of saying something positive about drug companies. Given that in far too many respects the pharmaceutical industry must certainly rank in the upper echelon of criminal organizations. (I’ve read enough learnéd articles, watched enough in-depth documentaries, spoken with enough ‘insiders’ to know that I’m on fairly solid ground in making this assertion.) Which doesn’t mean these dudes don’t frequently shower us with any number of exceptionally beneficial products. Far from it. Not only do I regularly gulp my fair share of Ibuprofen (you know, like when I’m feeling a trifle tired and still have work to do or places to go); but as someone who managed to get the clap all of eight times, rest assured that I heartily applaud (hah!) the happy existence of antibiotics. And did all the more so after reading how gonorrhea was treated before penicillin came along. (For an especially harrowing description, see Vance Bourjaily’s novel Confessions of a Spent Youth.) So yes, there are plenty of top-notch drugs around, including legal ones -:) Notwithstanding past horrors like Thalidomide, and despite a shameful plethora of harmful to outright deadly drug-industry malpractices that are still rampant today. From making sure the world stays awash with unneeded (and yet highly profitable!) medications to freely using the peoples of so-called third-world countries as guinea pigs for their potential poisons. In between which the list goes on and on, ad infinitum and ad nauseam.

So what then in God’s name could I possibly have good to say about the buggers?!

Sacha Shoots Sacha

Sacha de Boer is now a guest contributor on the Eddie Woods website. You will find her pages, as well as those of other contributors, here

All contributors to this site have an ‘organic connection’ with yours truly and appear by invitation only. Should I ever decide to do a one-off online issue of Ins & Outs magazine, you’ll hear about it. Until then (a less than 50-50 chance at best), please do not send me manuscripts or artwork for publication. Thanks and all best, TFE -:)

The Beer Mystic does Eddie Woods

Dear Friends,

I simply cannot resist sending this out. That’s how truly chuffed I am (as the English like to say).

bart plantenga, author of the fantabulously wild-cum-surrealistically inebriated novel Beer Mystic, is progressively penning a profile of each and every one of the 40-odd people/websites/magazines/blogs that are hosting chapters of his book. And now it’s my turn. bart’s piece on me is entitled “Eddie Don’t Do Beer.” And the lad is right. Except for the very occasional witbier or Weißbier (with a slice of lemon added!) on a hot summer’s afternoon, I am nowadays pretty much a gentleman wino.

The Faerie Princess Story

As you’ll already know from the title of this piece, what follows is the story behind The Faerie Princess, my erotic fairy tale in verse. Those who have not yet read the poem may want to do that now. If so, make sure to come back here afterwards! Or you can read this first and the poem later. There’s a link to it down below, as well as here

I wrote The Faerie Princess in London in 1977. It was a prolific time for me. Sitting at my studio desk facing a large bay window (with the curtains drawn, as I usually worked late at night), a succession of poems and short stories were flowing from my typewriter in rapid succession. This was in Brixton, on Lambeth Road, not all that far from the prison. Jane Harvey and I were renting the flat from a friendly Polish landlord whose wife was an actress. The studio was also my Kali room. I’d made a vow that for every poem or story the deity allowed me to write that was not specifically about or dedicated to her, the next one would be. I also performed various Kali devotions, many of which were overtly sexual. Such was the nature of my relationship with Hindu goddess of death, destruction and the transformation of time. (Once, in Kathmandu, Jane abruptly left the flat we were sharing there and flew off to Thailand, saying: “This place is only big enough for two people. You and Kali have fun.”) Anyway, The Faerie Princess was one of those in-between poems. Whatever triggered it, the words pretty much poured out nonstop. I also knew from the start that rhyme and meter would be key.

Iran hangs Zahra Bahrami

Note What follows is my initial mailing on Zahra Bahrami’s execution. For a revised version of this mailing, which includes both an introduction and an afterword, see  No Man Is An Island

Dear Friends,

In the early morning hours of Saturday, January 29th, the murderously barbaric Iranian regime hanged my friend, and my friend Jane’s friend, Zahra Bahrami. Her crime? To be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even though the (ugh!) Islamic Republic of Iran would like for the world to believe otherwise. Zahra was 46 years old and a dual Dutch-Iranian national. Only the Iranian government refused to recognize her Dutch citizenship and therefore consistently denied Dutch consular officials in Tehran any access to her. And today they killed her.