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Jack Micheline rides again!

November greetings, y’all!

I hope you are keeping warm or cool or dry, depending on what the weather is like in your part of the world.

But wherever you are, you’re only a couple of clicks away from ordering issue #63 of Beat Scene magazine. Which is hot off the press and contains (along with so much else) my definitive interview with the late troubadour poet Jack Micheline.

8-Finger Eddie RIP

I’d heard of him, of course, but we hadn’t yet met. Until Kathmandu 1976. I was walking along whatever street, when a girl calls to me saying, “Eight Finger’s in town!” ‘Nice,’ I thought. ‘Not that I’ll recognize him, mind. I haven’t a clue what he looks like.’ Some days later (my journal tells me it was Wednesday, April 14th) I was at the Spirit Catcher bookshop. Place I’d taken to hanging out in, plus on certain evenings reciting poetry; and where I met many people for the first time who would eventually become friends, colleagues: Ira Cohen (and his then ‘Kali muse’ Petra Vogt), Angus MacLise, Roberto Valenza etc. I refer to what transpired next in my memorial poem for Roberto, Irreverent Homage. Hereunder is the fuller version…

Beer Mystic

Dear Fantabulous Fiction Fans,

I am both pleased and proud to announce that the Eddie Woods website is now hosting chapter #25 of bart plantenga’s phantasmagorical novel of ‘inebriation and light,’ Beer Mystic.

As of this writing, 44 separate excerpts from this mind-blowing book are either already appearing or very soon will be on webzines, literary sites, sympathetic e-pubs and such the world over.

And you can get to any of those excerpts from within this one.
Beer Mystic #25 is here

Go to it, read it, bookmark it. And send the link on to your friends!

Sensitive Skin #3 blasts off!

Hi Folks!

As Superman would say: Up, up and away!
Hey, I was Superman once! (A little ‘in joke,’ for those in the know. Tee-hee.)

And so I’m here to tell you that Sensitive Skin #3 has been launched and is flying high.

I could talk and talk about how great it is. But seeing is believing and so too is hearing. Writing and photography and videos and audios and…like wow! Sensitive Skin has all that and more.

Yes, I too am there. With a short video some of you have seen, but most of you not. (And this is its best ever presentation.) Namely Yaron Ben-Nun’s film adaptation of my poem “Bananas.” Along with a brief back-story about how the poem happened, and then the film. From me going down on a black GI in Hong Kong to meeting Yaron at Xaviera Hollander’s and reciting “Bananas” for him.

But this is not only about me. This is about lots of good stuff!

Jacek Nichs’ Libretti

Dear Poetry Fanatics,

Every now and then a poetry book comes along that is at once excitingly unique and exceptionally good. A book with words and phrases that easily make it on their own but are enhanced by the presentation. Where the manner in which the poems appear allow you to actually feel the author creating them.

Libretti, by the poet and performance artist ‘par excellence’ Jacek Nichs, is just such a book.

This book is rich. This book is packed full of the real stuff that life is made of. This book belongs in your hands!

Dr. Doo-Wop film

Hi there music and film lovers!

Whether doo-wop is your thing or not (although after this it probably will be!), here is one short film you’ll definitely want to see.

For 20 years (1987-2007) the American writer William Levy, aka Dr. Doo-Wop, deejayed what was undoubtedly one of the premier doo-wop radio programs anywhere. Now Michiel Brongers has posted his excellent 2008 film about Bill the DJ on the internet for all to see. For free. Ready for a wild ‘n woolly 15 minutes?