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Filming The Faerie Princess

Hi y’all,

I was initially intending to do this as an email signature only. But then, looking through my mailing list (which is several hundred strong), I realized that many people on it are either themselves filmmakers (though not necessarily animators) or have contacts in the film world. So hey (thought I), why pussyfoot around? Just go for it and send out a mailing. The old tried and true Babe Ruth theory.*

And this is what I have to say:

Wanted: Animators (and producers/directors) for The Faerie Princess
I would like to see The Faerie Princess (my erotic fairly tale in verse) done as an animated film. Using the complete text of the poem, exactly as written (there are 63 quatrains, all of them rhymed). The animated visuals could either be sexually explicit (as per some of the action/activities described in the poem), or softer but nonetheless romantically sensual. The difference between what I believe in Japanese anime is called hentai and ecchi.

The Faerie Princess Story

As you’ll already know from the title of this piece, what follows is the story behind The Faerie Princess, my erotic fairy tale in verse. Those who have not yet read the poem may want to do that now. If so, make sure to come back here afterwards! Or you can read this first and the poem later. There’s a link to it down below, as well as here

I wrote The Faerie Princess in London in 1977. It was a prolific time for me. Sitting at my studio desk facing a large bay window (with the curtains drawn, as I usually worked late at night), a succession of poems and short stories were flowing from my typewriter in rapid succession. This was in Brixton, on Lambeth Road, not all that far from the prison. Jane Harvey and I were renting the flat from a friendly Polish landlord whose wife was an actress. The studio was also my Kali room. I’d made a vow that for every poem or story the deity allowed me to write that was not specifically about or dedicated to her, the next one would be. I also performed various Kali devotions, many of which were overtly sexual. Such was the nature of my relationship with Hindu goddess of death, destruction and the transformation of time. (Once, in Kathmandu, Jane abruptly left the flat we were sharing there and flew off to Thailand, saying: “This place is only big enough for two people. You and Kali have fun.”) Anyway, The Faerie Princess was one of those in-between poems. Whatever triggered it, the words pretty much poured out nonstop. I also knew from the start that rhyme and meter would be key.

Remembering Elisabeth


Today marks 30 years since my dear friend Elisabeth Lemoine passed away. Her story is complicated, and that of her death convoluted. In time I hope to write about both. Just as the late Australian artist Vali Myers had often urged me to, adding: “She is precisely my kind of people.” Elisabeth, you see, was a very talented painter as well as a beautiful and loving whore. She was also a devoted admirer of Vali’s work. Once, sitting on my lap and holding a big book of the artist’s prints, she patiently explained Vaii’s more complex paintings to me, pointing out many fine details that I’d not previously seen.

Jack Micheline rides again!

November greetings, y’all!

I hope you are keeping warm or cool or dry, depending on what the weather is like in your part of the world.

But wherever you are, you’re only a couple of clicks away from ordering issue #63 of Beat Scene magazine. Which is hot off the press and contains (along with so much else) my definitive interview with the late troubadour poet Jack Micheline.

Sensitive Skin #3 blasts off!

Hi Folks!

As Superman would say: Up, up and away!
Hey, I was Superman once! (A little ‘in joke,’ for those in the know. Tee-hee.)

And so I’m here to tell you that Sensitive Skin #3 has been launched and is flying high.

I could talk and talk about how great it is. But seeing is believing and so too is hearing. Writing and photography and videos and audios and…like wow! Sensitive Skin has all that and more.

Yes, I too am there. With a short video some of you have seen, but most of you not. (And this is its best ever presentation.) Namely Yaron Ben-Nun’s film adaptation of my poem “Bananas.” Along with a brief back-story about how the poem happened, and then the film. From me going down on a black GI in Hong Kong to meeting Yaron at Xaviera Hollander’s and reciting “Bananas” for him.

But this is not only about me. This is about lots of good stuff!

Jacek Nichs’ Libretti

Dear Poetry Fanatics,

Every now and then a poetry book comes along that is at once excitingly unique and exceptionally good. A book with words and phrases that easily make it on their own but are enhanced by the presentation. Where the manner in which the poems appear allow you to actually feel the author creating them.

Libretti, by the poet and performance artist ‘par excellence’ Jacek Nichs, is just such a book.

This book is rich. This book is packed full of the real stuff that life is made of. This book belongs in your hands!