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Richard Jurgens

A Passport to Elsewhere

May 16, 2014 by

Hey Wow,

“If this man hadn’t been a decadent, he would have been a Jesuit.” That’s
Richard Jurgens on me (and oh how true!) in his magnificent review of
Tennessee Williams in Bangkok, which at the same time is an essay about the book’s author. It has just been published in Urban Graffiti magazine and you can read it here

As many of you already know, the book itself is available from almost all
Amazon sites, as well as from AbeBooks and the publisher. But if you want direct links rather than having to search, just scroll down a little ways here

An earlier review by Richard Livermore (likewise excellent) appeared online in Ol’ Chanty magazine. This is it

And then bart plantenga combined his review with an interview in Eddie Woods has been around the block

While Jim Feast reviewed Tennessee Williams in Bangkok for Rain Taxi Review of Books (the Spring 2014 print edition)

Happy reading, folks.
And ever upward and onward!

Cheers, EDDIE

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One Summer

December 2, 2010 by

In early July, Blackbird Poetry published Richard Jurgens’ exquisite collection of love poems entitled One Summer. Among those who took especial delight in the book was the poet and editor Richard Livermore, whose online magazine Ol’ Chanty has graciously given this website permission to post his highly favorable review.

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