Chocolate Delight and other breaking literary news

Dear lovers of literature and the arts,

My recent and very short story “Chocolate Delight” has just been published in Sensitive Skin magazine. And you can read it now!

But there’s more to tell. Beginning with the news that after 28 years Exquisite Corpse is no more.

Thankfully the links to all poems, stories, articles, essays, artwork etc that appeared in any of the Corpse’s online issues (EC was previously in print only) will remain valid ‘forever,’ while the entire run is also permanently archived at California’s Stanford University. Some of us knew this was coming and were merely waiting to learn when. The moment of execution was carefully chosen and the death knell struck at precisely one minute and one second past midnight on Jan 11th 2011.

Exquisite Corpse

Founder/Editor: Andrei Codrescu Hitman/Asst. Ed.: DeWitt Brinson Killed: 1-11 01:01 RIP 1983-2011

Exquisite Corpse is dead, long live Exquisite Corpse! The Corpse will indeed be a hard publications act to follow, but there are many other good internet magazines already in full speed ahead action and coming on strong. Sensitive Skin is definitely one. As is the online successor to Edinburgh’s Chanticleer, namely Ol’ Chanty. And another that is especially dear to my literary heart, Parisiana. This last was once mainly Paris-oriented but has now become more universally wide-ranging and is currently undergoing a number of exciting cultural changes. So keep checking all of them out, y’hear?

Sensitive Skin
Ol’ Chanty
Nictoglobe (truly exceptional, and multilingual!)

Oh, and don’t forget my story in Sensitive Skin! Chocolate Delight.

All the best, EDDIE

ps Readers wanting to access work in any and all online issues of Exquisite Corpse should go to its archives. CyberCorpse #1 thru #14 (wherein the contents for each issue are clearly shown) can be clicked on there. To locate material in the final issue, type either the title or the author’s name in the ‘search site’ box (top left), hit the Enter key on your keyboard, and then continue as instructed (e.g., by ticking/checking ‘exact phrase’). Or simply bop around in Poetry, Stories, Bureaus, etc.