Dr. Doo-Wop film

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Whether doo-wop is your thing or not (although after this it probably will be!), here is one short film you’ll definitely want to see.

For 20 years (1987-2007) the American writer William Levy, aka Dr. Doo-Wop, deejayed what was undoubtedly one of the premier doo-wop radio programs anywhere. Now Michiel Brongers has posted his excellent 2008 film about Bill the DJ on the internet for all to see. For free. Ready for a wild ‘n woolly 15 minutes?

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‘There’s nothing that makes you feel so alive as getting a death threat.’ What do cigarettes and erotic literature have to do with close harmony music? They come together in The Dr. Doo-Wop Show, the only Doo-wop radio program in Europe. This documentary shows Dr. Doo-Wop in his Amsterdam habitat. William Levy (born 1939 in Brooklyn, New York)—author, publisher and pioneer of independent erotic media—comments on his life with its trials and tribulations. A film about radical media, loneliness and eternal love.

Dr. Doowop has been screened in London, Nijmegen, Hull, Amsterdam and Hamburg art houses, selected for the Netherlands Film Festival (Utrecht), and was awarded the “Best Film” prize at the 8th International Super 8mm Festival in Szeged, Hungary.

Hey, enjoy!

TFE (10-Finger Eddie)

Beyond Criticism Trailers from another film about William Levy, this one by Malcom Hart

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