Filming The Faerie Princess

Hi y’all,

I was initially intending to do this as an email signature only. But then, looking through my mailing list (which is several hundred strong), I realized that many people on it are either themselves filmmakers (though not necessarily animators) or have contacts in the film world. So hey (thought I), why pussyfoot around? Just go for it and send out a mailing. The old tried and true Babe Ruth theory.*

And this is what I have to say:

Wanted: Animators (and producers/directors) for The Faerie Princess
I would like to see The Faerie Princess (my erotic fairly tale in verse) done as an animated film. Using the complete text of the poem, exactly as written (there are 63 quatrains, all of them rhymed). The animated visuals could either be sexually explicit (as per some of the action/activities described in the poem), or softer but nonetheless romantically sensual. The difference between what I believe in Japanese anime is called hentai and ecchi.

The simplest approach is with me reciting the entire poem, as I do on a soon-to-be-released audio recording. While a better, more sophisticated (and probably more commercially viable) version would have a full cast of voices: the unseen third-person narrator (most likely me, since it is my poem and I do read it very well!), the faerie princess, the satyrs, the howling wind, the other fairy nymphs, and the queen. My straight recitation takes just under nine minutes. So I’m supposing that with a cast of voices we’re looking at a short film running ±20 minutes to half an hour tops.

The text of the poem (along with Niels Hamel’s original illustrations, intended for a book edition) is here

In addition, there is Hans Plomp’s Dutch translation of The Faerie Princess. Which means that a separate Dutch-language animated film could also be made, entitled De Nimfenprinses. That text is here

One recent comment on the poem: “It’s a lot of fun! And with some hidden deeper truths…”

I really do want for this to happen. And am already in discussions about it with a few people. But since nothing has been decided, I remain open to all offers. Preferably those that would see me make some money from such a film (I’m sick of being broke!). So if you are a film animator or a director or a producer, and you’re looking for a new project to get your teeth into, please do get in touch and run your proposals by me. While if you’re not in the film game but know people who are, then by all means pass this mailing on to them. I can easily be reached via the Contact page

As some of you are aware, one of my (shorter) poems has been filmed, although not as animation. Namely Bananas

Well, a serious suggestion has been made that a somewhat similar film treatment be applied to my poem “Mary.” My voiceover recitation coupled with a series of appropriate moving images. For any filmmaker keen to take that on, here’s Mary

You can also hear me recite “Mary” on my CD Dangerous Precipice

Got all that? I hope so. And remember, what I am mainly concerned with at the moment is seeing The Faerie Princess done as an animated film. Write to me!

Ciao for now and all best, EDDIE

* For a very long time (until others finally came along and broke his record) Babe Ruth was known as baseball’s home-run king. He hit more home runs in a single year than anyone else. What few people knew was that the Babe held another record: he struck out more than anyone else. Which adds up to…he swung at the ball more often! So here I am, kids, swinging away. Any home runs on the horizon? -:)