Cum tributes-2

This is page two of my ongoing series of cum tributes. To see the 500+ tributes I’ve posted prior to early April 2017 (complete with a thorough explanatory introduction), simply click on this link

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She was one of my favorite Amsterdam whores back in the day, and I always made a point of spanking her ass before we fucked!

A sultry hotwife crawling towards me in hopes that I’ll waste no time splattering her with my cum.

This isn’t the first time I’ve cum on her pussy. But what the hell, I simply can’t get enough of it!

I definitely was imagining me squeezing & sucking this inviting tit whilst spurting a load of hot cum on it.

She knew I was gonna do this = cum again on her boi pussy, clitty cock, and also cute pair of balls!

It was definitely time for me to cum on her again!

Okay, so I got her skimpy panties wet before cumming on that luscious ass of hers. Next time I’ll yank them off first!

She’s a young sissy crossdresser who wants exposing, and I’m helping out by cumming on her and tweeting this to my Twitter followers!

After doing her cock, balls & asshole, a facial had to follow!

I’ve been wanting to cum on this hot trans babe for a long time! And especially on her cock, balls & asshole.

She’s a certain horny husband’s hot wife, and I found this a perfect photo of her to splatter with my cum!

The moment my eyes beheld her ravishing face & tits, I simply had to cum on them. And yes, she definitely makes me horny!

Mmmm, I thought, what a great tit to cum on. With which my cock started spurting pretty much nonstop!

Cumming on these hot knockers is one thing, but to squeeze and suck them…ah, if only!

I love pussies and assholes!

Having already done her ass and fully naked body, I simply couldn’t resist spurting my cum on this juicy looking pussy of hers!

It almost looks like she’s rubbing my cum into her skin!

She’s pretty, very sexy, and a self-proclaimed slut! All of which meant I simply had to give her a cum facial.

All I want to do is spank that luscious ass, then lick and penetrate both her fuck holes, one after the other!

She’s a lovely cumdump who could hardly wait for me to splatter her sexy face with a load of hot sticky cum!

There was no way my cock could avoid spurting on that butt plug when shooting a hot load of cum on her absolutely lovely cunt!

At last I was asked to cum on this hot wife’s face!

With a pussy and ass like this, she’s gotta be a great fuck! And wouldn’t I ever love to bang her!

No sooner had her husband sent me this photo of his wife, than my cock was out and I was jerking off like crazy. Next up is I’ll be cumming on the lady’s delightful cunt!

What a great ass to shoot my cock juice on!

I love it when guys send me pics of their chicks for me to cum on. This MILF wife got me so fucking horny, my cock immediately went whoosh!

I would so love to squeeze this chick’s tits and fuck her hairy pussy. But until she visits Amsterdam, a cum tribute will do.

What a fascinating pussy she has. Clearly a delight to lick, and my cock will fit perfectly in it. Providing I’m lucky enough to fuck her, of course.

I felt this very naughty girl needed to be cummed on before daddy got back to spanking her bare ass!

What a hot fucking body she has!

If ever an ass is begging to be spanked, it’s hers!

The other day I spurted my cock juice all over this chick’s ass & pussy, so it was only right to follow that up by cumming on her hot tits!

What I’d like to do is spank that lovely ass, then fuck her pussy long & hard.

I’d asked for a photo of her bare tits to cum on. When she sent me this one, it was accompanied by a message saying, “Your wish is my command.”

I have two pics of her delightful pussy, and decided to cum on this pink one first. Tits and ass will in all likelihood follow!

I shot my load on this hot naked body while watching porn and imagining me fucking the twist.

Sexy is as sexy does, if only this sexy twist would cum to Amsterdam so that I can do her!

She claims to be a goddess, and maybe it’s so. But my cock didn’t think about that when giving her this facial.

She’s already wearing what could be a pearl necklace. So my cock decided to concentrate its cum on her more than ample boobs.

Mmmm, lovely hairy pussy nicely spread, waiting to be licked and then penetrated.

She is so fucking beautiful!

The moment I saw this pussy pic, my cock jumped at the chance to cum on it. Of course what I’d really like to do is…ah, you know!

A perfect pussy to lick, fuck and also shoot a hot load of cum on!

It was definitely time for me to cum on this sexy chick again. So whoosh & splatter went my horny cock after wanking!

With any luck, she’ll send me a pic of her tits, ass or pussy to cum on next. She may not look it here, but I know for sure she’s a slut!

Simply beholding this pussy got my cock so excited that I had no choice but to shoot a hot load of cum on it.

Delicious asshole & pussy to lick and then fuck, coupled with a delightful bum perfect for shooting one’s cum on!

Cumming on a hairy cunt late at night whilst watching steamy incest porn!

She’s a delightful sissy who is perfectly positioned to take daddy’s cock in her patiently waiting asspussy!

The best way to soothe a hard spanked bottom, is to apply the balsam of freshly sprayed cum on it.

Chicks who send pics with their tongue sticking out are either looking to get cummed on or want to give me a blowjob. I’m up for both, of course!

Her entire body is knockout beautiful, but these tits are particularly special, and my cock simply had to cum on them!

She loves my sperm. So this time I spurted all over her delightful asshole & pussy, both of which my cock is dying to fuck!

It was Wednesday. But what’s still not done is, I haven’t fucked this German slut yet! She’ll need to come to Amsterdam for that.

First I spurted all over her ass & pussy, now I’ve cummed on these fucking hot tits. Maybe I’ll do another cunt photo next.

The original photo is a screen shot I took from a video she’d sent me of her masturbating. My cum got added while I was watching a porn vid of two shemales sucking & fucking each other.

All of this hot chick, and definitely her amazing ass, was calling out to my cock to be cummed on!

The other night whilst watching porn I was in the mood to spurt my seed on a nice pair of boobs, and these knockers proved perfect for it!

It was time for me to cum on her pussy up close and personal, whilst keeping fingers crossed that someday I’ll get to fuck it!

Cumming again on a very sexy lady.

Magnificent ass, delightful pussy, my cock would love to do things with both. In the meantime I decided to simply cum on her.

True to my word, I cummed on her ass next!

It only took one glance at this delightful pussy for me to know that I had to cum on it. I’m gonna do her ass next!

Sexy faces like this one need to be cummed on!

My cock wasted no time cumming on her again!

Pussy nicely spread and clearly ready to get hard fucked. But also thoroughly cummed on!

She’s a very special lady with absolutely no sexual inhibitions, and I’ve been longing to cum on her since forever! For sure the next step is for us to finally start fucking!

I’d love to do more with the asshole, balls & cock of this ladyboy than just spurt my cum on them. Mmmm

It doesn’t take much imagination to guess what I was thinking & wishing while spurting my cock juice on this lovely pussy.

What I’m hoping is that the next photo she sends me for cumming on will show both her luscious tits fully exposed!

Interesting sheet she’s lying spread eagle on.

Her husband asked me to cum on these stunning tits, which I immediately did without a moment’s hesitation!

These great boobs were a lot to cover, but my cock also managed to spurt on her cute little belly button.

It took a while to splatter all four bums with my cock juice, and of course they did have to hold still for it lol.

All of a sudden doing condom tributes is getting interesting! Especially when the porn video I’m watching is really hot!

No condom on when I blasted her with my cum this time!

If and when I ever get the chance to fuck this married lady, I’ll definitely go into her cunt bareback! Although it was fun wanking to her photo with a rubber on.

I of course love licking and fucking pussies, but cumming on them can also be fun!

It’s always a horny pleasure covering this particular pussy with my cum late at night whilst getting worked up imagining what else I’d like to do with it!

No condom on while cumming for her this time!

I hate wearing a rubber when fucking (it’s like taking a shower with a raincoat on!), but doing a condom tribute for this chick was really hot!

It was time to again cum on a tantalizingly hairy pussy that’s clearly waiting to get fucked.

I’d already done her tits, pussy and mouth, so it was definitely time for me to cum all over her delightful ass!

Every pretty girl deserves to have her face splattered with a nice hot load, especially if you know she’s a slut!

Horny me simply had to shoot a load of hot cock juice into her wide open mouth, which was clearly ready & waiting for it.

Her pussy is meant to be licked & fucked, and so is her asshole. Plus as you can see, both are also perfect for simply cumming on!

Since we live in different parts of the world, I wasn’t able to fuck her in the ass (she was offered to me!). And so I did this as the next best thing.

My tongue can hardly wait to lick this hairy black pussy, and then my cock to dive in. Fingers crossed that it does really happen in a couple of months’ time!

“I need bred!” she said on her Twitter page. Were we in the same part of the world, I’d do it. And shoot an even bigger load deep into her pussy than I did on this photo!

We met via craigslist. She visited, I ate her pussy, we fucked, and she left. Late that night, with the memory still fresh, I decided to do this.

I’ve been wanting to cum on this chick’s tits for a very long time, and had one helluva mighty orgasm finally doing it!

Bum, pussy, asshole…all totally perfect. And a real pleasure shooting my cum on late at night whilst again watching porn.

I’ve covered this sexy number with my cock juice many times. But whenever I see her face, I’ve no choice but to do it again!

Did I cum on this photo before? Probably. But there’s no such thing as a hot bum getting too much cock juice!

When shooting my load of cum on this tantalizing pussy, I didn’t even try to avoid staining the bed sheets!

I was so fucking horny last night, that my cock couldn’t resist unloading its juice on this exquisite pussy and butt hole!

She wanted me to cum all over her, and I of course obliged! Another big load late at night whilst watching porn.

I’d cummed all over this divine pussy before, but simply had to do it again. What I wouldn’t give to lick and then fuck it!

Her tongue was especially inviting!

A certain naughty husband asked me to cum on his wife’s adorable cunt. Whether she knows is anyone’s guess!

The only thing better than cumming on a nice pussy is licking and then fucking it!

It had been nearly a year since I’d last spurted my cock juice on this chick’s cunt, meaning ’twas high time for me to do it again!

Don’t let her innocent look fool you. She’s a complete slut. Just how much of one I’ll be finding out firsthand very soon. But why such a lot of cum on her? I was watching a really hardcore gangbang porn video when I spurted!

I’ve cummed & pissed all over this fucking whore countless times, but here she’s at her absolute sluttiest best!

Had it been possible, I would have spanked this yummy ass before cumming all over it!

We met thru a dating site some few years back. And yes, she was a most delightful fuck!

Another juicy pussy I’d love to lick and then fuck!

Look close and you’ll see not only her asshole & pussy, but she’s tied up and being strangled before getting fucked! I asked if that’s really what’s happening and she replied, “Yep.”

I shot a load of cum and also pissed on this photo before. But since she’s a slut I’d love to fuck again & again…hey!

Some faces get my cock hard just by looking at them, and this chick’s is definitely one of those!

She sent me this photo by way of suggesting we meet, but asked me to cum all over her hot body first.

It was time for me to cum all over a pretty face again, and so I decided on this cute little slut!

Call it a pussy, call it a cunt. Or simply see it as a divine entrance to a world of sensual pleasure. Those were my feelings whilst cumming on this delightful fuckhole.

I want to lick and then bang both these yummy fuckholes!

I’d been waiting for this, the chance to cum all over her amazing BBW ass and oh so inviting pussy!

Delightfully spankable ass, lusciously fuckable pussy, both perfect for cumming all over late at night whilst watching porn.

I love golden showers, and wish she could piss all over me. But until that can happen, ahhh did I ever bathe her with my pee!

I love spanking asses, licking asses, fucking asses, cumming on asses. In short, I love asses!

I simply had to cum on her tits, belly, thighs and nicely hairy cunt bush!

I’m not sure what turned me on more, cumming on her yummy vulva or covering that delightfully hairy bush with my sticky cock juice.

A cunt clearly waiting to get licked by a talented tongue and then have a hard cock fuck it for a long time.

This is the fourth time I’ve pissed all over the slut, and she fucking loves it! I even once made a video of me doing it.

She’s a self-proclaimed slut, whore and absolute tramp who loves getting used, abused and gangbanged as often as possible, especially in public places with lots of voyeurs watching.

Best of all would be me licking and then penetrating this juicy pussy. But the chick is thousands of miles away, so for now cumming on it will have to do.

I’ve cummed, pissed (and once even pooped) on her face, tits & ass. Then at long last she sent me this delightful pussy pic.

She’s a German whore whom I’d definitely love to fuck!

Boy slut waiting to get fucked in the ass.

Hey, I came on her yet again! How many times so far? Twenty fucking four! 18x just me, 6x with other guys. She loves being cummed on.

To my mind this is a truly beautiful tribute, along with being a brand new artistic departure for me. And yes, it’s posted here with her express permission.

That mouth is perfect for sucking cocks, and her face for cumming on. Do I want the slut in my bed? Fucking hell yes!

Yet another slut whose face is made to be cummed on!

I’ve pissed & cummed this slut so many times. But what I really want is to someday fuck her cunt, ass and mouth!

I figured this slut needed a nice sticky cum facial whilst getting herself well fucked!

It’s always a pleasure cumming all over her amazing tits!

And this is the slutty sister of that slut just below whom I so much love pissing on. I guess we can call them piss queens!

I love pissing on this slut!

It’s clear from her personal message that this 19-year old slut wants more from me than to be cummed on, and before too awful long she’s fucking well gonna get it!

Given the photo’s color, I wasn’t at all sure we’d see my cum. But fucking hell yes, we can!

“Cum on my fucking aunt,” was the message with this photo. Now what I’d like is to see that fucking aunt’s naked body! I mean, she is fucking beautiful.

She’s a rich bitch slut who’s dying to become a street whore!

My cock couldn’t stop cumming on this magnificent ass & pussy. No need to ask how badly I want to fuck her!

I definitely imagined it was me fucking this twist whilst pissing & cumming all over her and that big black cock!

It’s already arranged that when we meet, I’ll piss & cum on her first and only afterwards fuck!

I want her soooo fucking badly!

After cumming on her ass & pussy, I simply had to do these great tits of hers next. Fucking hell yes!

Young fresh pussy and ass. Both perfect to fuck and also cum on.

What wouldn’t I give to have her in my bed right now!

Yes, I wanna piss on this slut in real time, then grab hold of those hot tits and fuck the living daylights out of her!

The slut on the left asked me to choose which one I’d rather cover with cum. I said no fucking way, and so spurted on both of them.

She’s the mother of twins, a model and raving beauty who likes to think of herself as a babe, which she most certainly is!

I simply cannot piss on this slut enough!

I can hardly wait for the day when I’ll get a chance to pull this 19-year old slut’s panties down and take her doggy style!

Her cherry is still intact, a terrible situation that has to end. And I’m gonna do my best to make sure it ends soon!

Pert little nipple, pussy playing peek-a-boo, both added up to my cock going omg fucking yes cum!

She’s the sister of a chick I’ve cummed & pissed on many times. And this photo’s now on the sister’s computer without her having a clue who fucking covered her with cum!

Her girlfriend asked who wanted to jerk it for this chick, with which my cock immediately spurted a load of hot cum!

I’m really hoping to fuck this slut soon!

Another girlfriend of a whore chick I’m in regular touch with who just had to be cummed on!

Cumming on this slut’s face is one thing, but what my dick really wants is to shoot an even bigger load all the way down her cock hungry throat!

First it was her cunt & asshole that caught my cock’s attention, then the very next night these ooh-la-la tits called out loudly demanding to be cummed on!

I’d already cummed more than once on her face & ass, now I’m hoping that next time she’ll send me a pic of her pussy!

She has a secret account, never posts pics of herself, sent me this photo privately requesting that I piss on it, then send the result back the same way, which I did.

Loins on fire, my cock hard with lust, all added up to cumming all over these amazing fuckholes of hers!

She’s a hot cumdump fuckslut who’s forever asking for her slut face to get covered with more & more sticky boy juice!

This is precisely how I want the slut positioned when ramming my dick into her cunt for a fucking she’ll never forget!

For sure while cumming on these great tits, I was wanting to pull down those jeans for a good look at her pussy. Hairy, shaved? Either way I’d definitely fuck it!

Doggy style is exactly how I want to fuck this slut!

She’s forever posting photos of her pussy & asshole, along with captions asking guys to cum on them. Of course what I’d really like is fuck the slut!

First time blasting a load on this chick, I totally covered her pussy. But now my cock simply could not resist these fantastic tits of hers!

With tits and a pussy like this, it’s not hard to imagine her fucking like a bunny. Plus I know for a fact that she loves getting gangbanged by 10 or more guys at a time.

He insisted on being pissed on before anything else, so I whipped out my cock and peed all over the slut.

She describes herself as a snow bunny, which could mean she’s into winter sports or prefers getting fucked by black guys. I couldn’t care less either way, but do love cumming on and banging chicks wearing glasses!

The more I see of this slut’s body, and especially her cunt & asshole, the hornier I get to ram my cock in both orifices!

The first time round I only came on her pussy, but then saw that her entire fucking body was crying out for my cock juice.

Late at night and as usual watching porn, my cock had no choice but to cum all over her bum, asshole & pussy. Omg would I ever enjoy fucking this chick!

What I’m really meant to do is whip the shit out of this bitch! That because her boyfriend asked me to, since for whatever reason he’s not up to doing it himself.

Shemale, ladyboy, call her what you will. What counts is that she gets me horny and makes my cock hard enough to cum all over her!

She’s shy about showing her face, so I cropped the photo after blasting these great tits with a full load of my cum.

The moment I laid eyes on this incredible cunt, my cock got instantly hard and not long afterwards I shot a huge load of cum all over it.

She’s on the other side of the world, otherwise I’d be sucking this rack of hers right now!

She’s the wife of a guy I’m in touch with on Twitter. They swing and swap a lot, so maybe one day I’ll get a chance to fuck this wonderful cunt!

I’ve pissed on this slut before, and will be doing it again. This time I also made a video so she could see me thoroughly drenching her with my pee.

Hard to believe she’s not a girl but a cross-dresser. Well, I’m always horny for all genders, and she was definitely a joy to cum on!

This is an auntie of a girl who sent me the photo, saying she really wanted it splattered with lots of hot cum. So okay, I’ll do most anything to make some lovely chick happy!

I tweeted asking for asses to cum on, and this hot sissy (whom I’d done 3x before), immediately presented me with hers. Mmmm.

It’s as though she were waiting for me to cover her slutty face with cum yet again. My cock got the message and went boom splatter whoosh!

This cumslut asked to be covered in cum. So my cock decided the whore’s bum and asspussy were the ideal place to shoot a big load on.

All I could think of whilst cumming on this pussy, is how much I’d love to be licking and fucking it. I’m sure it’s constantly wet, waiting for tongues & cocks to start doing their thing!

It’s always a pleasure to cum on a sexy bum. And this is one chick whose hot ass I’d definitely love to fuck. I’ve also seen her cunt; and for sure I wanna bang that, too!

If ever a sultry face was crying out to be cummed on, it’s this hot beauty’s. My cock literally exploded on her!

She’s been asking for someone to please fuck her virgin asshole. But since we live so many miles apart, the best I could do was point my hard cock in the right direction 🙂

The only way to accurately describe this whore slut is as unadulterated fuck meat! Her specialty is deep-throat cocksucking. Mmmmm

This lovely chick was so obviously wanting to be cummed on that I simply could not resist doing it for her asap!

I absolutely love covering magnificent tits with my cock juice. And this chick’s rack is fucking irresistible.