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Cum tributes-2

This is page two of my ongoing series of cum tributes. To see the 500+ tributes I’ve posted prior to early April 2017 (complete with a thorough explanatory introduction), simply click on this link

Late at night and as usual watching porn, my cock had no choice but to cum all over her bum, asshole & pussy. Omg would I ever enjoy fucking this chick!

What I’m really meant to do is whip the shit out of this bitch! That because her boyfriend asked me to, since for whatever reason he’s not up to doing it himself.

Shemale, ladyboy, call her what you will. What counts is that she gets me horny and makes my cock hard enough to cum all over her!

She’s shy about showing her face, so I cropped the photo after blasting these great tits with a full load of my cum.

The moment I laid eyes on this incredible cunt, my cock got instantly hard and not long afterwards I shot a huge load of cum all over it.

She’s on the other side of the world, otherwise I’d be sucking this rack of hers right now!

She’s the wife of a guy I’m in touch with on Twitter. They swing and swap a lot, so maybe one day I’ll get a chance to fuck this wonderful cunt!

I’ve pissed on this slut before, and will be doing it again. This time I also made a video so she could see me thoroughly drenching her with my pee.

Hard to believe she’s not a girl but a cross-dresser. Well, I’m always horny for all genders, and she was definitely a joy to cum on!

This is an auntie of a girl who sent me the photo, saying she really wanted it splattered with lots of hot cum. So okay, I’ll do most anything to make some lovely chick happy!

I tweeted asking for asses to cum on, and this hot sissy (whom I’d done 3x before), immediately presented me with hers. Mmmm.

It’s as though she were waiting for me to cover her slutty face with cum yet again. My cock got the message and went boom splatter whoosh!

This cumslut asked to be covered in cum. So my cock decided the whore’s bum and asspussy were the ideal place to shoot a big load on.

All I could think of whilst cumming on this pussy, is how much I’d love to be licking and fucking it. I’m sure it’s constantly wet, waiting for tongues & cocks to start doing their thing!

It’s always a pleasure to cum on a sexy bum. And this is one chick whose hot ass I’d definitely love to fuck. I’ve also seen her cunt; and for sure I wanna bang that, too!

If ever a sultry face was crying out to be cummed on, it’s this hot beauty’s. My cock literally exploded on her!

She’s been asking for someone to please fuck her virgin asshole. But since we live so many miles apart, the best I could do was point my hard cock in the right direction 🙂

The only way to accurately describe this whore slut is as unadulterated fuck meat! Her specialty is deep-throat cocksucking. Mmmmm

This lovely chick was so obviously wanting to be cummed on that I simply could not resist doing it for her asap!

I absolutely love covering magnificent tits with my cock juice. And this chick’s rack is fucking irresistible.