Cum tributes-3

This is the third page of my ongoing series of cum tributes. Page one starts with a thorough explanatory introduction, and can be found by clicking on this link

Page two contains all tributes posted from early April 2017 till the end of that year and is here

I love shooting hot cum on a slut’s naked ass, especially when her pussy is showing.

Her message was clear, and so my cock sprang into action!

“Worship my feet,” she shamelessly tweeted. And so I did this 🙂

So yet another husband wrote me saying: “Hey, I was wondering if you would like to cumtribute my slutty wife.” It only took one look at her pussy for my cock to oblige!

I was totally busting for a pee whilst splattering her lovely face.

Her pussy is so yummy I could hardly stop cumming!

When a whore mom posts this on Twitter, there’s nothing for it but to piss all over the slut. I hope my pee helps her get what she wants 🙂

Her mouth is waiting for cock, cum and piss. I decided to start with cum, and save peeing on the slut till later.

Seems to me that this cum tribute has just the right artistic touch.

She’s so sweet, and it was definitely time to cum on her again.

She’s looking to get auctioned off or sold, I want to pimp the slut out!

Another shemale covered with my cum. I love shemales!

I shot a heavy load on this shemale in the wee hours.

I really loved cumming on this lovely ass, especially since her yummy pussy was showing 🙂

She asked for a hot load in her cocksucking mouth, so that’s where I shot mine. What a fucking slut 🙂

She must be in this position when I whip and then fuck the slut.

She needed embellishing with a rich creamy sauce before being served up as a gourmet feast.

All I can say is, she’s an absolute slut!

Cumming on her was great, fucking the slut would be even better. And who knows, maybe one of these days I’ll get a chance to 🙂

I fucking love women’s cunts!

She almost never publicly posts pics like this. Fucking hell, both her ass & cunt are nothing short of deliciously delightful! 🙂

I really enjoyed spanking this slut’s ass, whilst cumming on it was equally a whole lot of horny fun 🙂

She promotes herself as a slut, whore and bitch who wants to be publicly exposed naked as often as possible. What better way than to cover the cunt with a hot load of cum first!

I’d done her pussy and ass, so now it was time for these glorious boobs!

She’s the most innocent-looking classy alley cat I know!

With a cunt like this, she’s definitely one of my all-time favorite sluts!

Feasting my eyes on both her ass & pussy got me incredibly horny. What I want next is an open beaver shot to cum on.

She’s the MILF wife of a guy on Twitter who digs it when other guys shoot hot loads of cum all over her tits. Goodness me, wouldn’t I ever love to squeeze and suck on them 🙂

I’ve such fond memories of fucking this craigslist slut, that I simply had to cum all over her amazing cunt and asshole again!

Money-shot cum tribute on a pussy I’d love to lick and fuck!

I’m waiting on a pussy pic in order to do a real money-shot cum tribute for her. That will be so fucking hot when it happens!

It’s always a pleasure shooting a load of hot cum on a juicy cunt!

And yes, this cunt was also a joy to fuck!

Her husband is making sure that all his friends fuck the slut regularly, especially in the ass. Hopefully one of these days I’ll get a chance to bang the bitch!

She’s a transsexual slut who calls me both master and daddy!

I have long fantasized about fucking a nun on her bed in the convent. Fingers crossed that one of these days my fantasy will be realized!

I fucking love cumming on sluts!

Absolutely perfect for throwing a hot fuck into!

What I’d really love (and so would she) is for me to shoot a hot load of cum straight down her slutty throat!

My eyes bulged at first sight of these amazing tits, which I immediately wanted to grab and squeeze. As for sucking on them, fucking hell yes!

Where my cock went, and in what sequence. Gaping asshole first, followed by juicy cunt, after which the whore’s mouth so she could taste both me and her other fuckholes!

Fucking this BBW was an absolute pleasure!

Another great rack to splatter my cock juice on!

No two ways about, these tits simply had to be cummed on!

I took great care not to spurt on the cat!

This would be so fucking hot if it could actually happen for real, me cumming all over this slut’s face and some guy’s dick while she’s sucking him! Not to mention staying horny listening to her slurp.

My cum all over a hot chick I met on craigslist and then happily fucked! And yes, I’d certainly love for it to happen again.

What a horny pleasure spurting my cock juice on this fantastic body from behind, especially with her delightful pussy clearly showing!

She asked to be cummed on. And with tits like these, there’s no way I could possibly refuse her horny request!

She’s sexy, she’s hot, her pussy & ass make my cock throb with lust. If only she’d visit Amsterdam so I could do this and more to her in real time!

It had been far too long since I’d last bathed her beautiful face with a hot load of my cum.

She longed to be raped and tortured over a period of weeks, then slowly snuffed in the most painful way possible with at least one cock inside her. If that’s what ultimately happened, I hope she enjoyed the experience. As for this cum tribute, it is totally loving.

She was gone for a very long time, and pissing all over her face seemed the best way of welcoming the slut back! Plus I added some cum for good measure.

That innocent look and those nerdy glasses didn’t fool me. She’s a fucking slut and we both know it. Which is why I so much enjoyed shooting a hot load of cum on her whore face! And yes, I love sluts.

She posted this photo on what they call Titty Tuesday, but my cock didn’t get to spurting on it till a few days later.

What a great pair of boobs to shoot a hot load of cum on!

Over my knee for a bare-bottom spanking first, then in position so I can fuck her asshole & pussy doggy style!

Her big black ass totally turned my cock on!

She wants the cum in her cunt, and I’d love to put it there. But since she lives miles away from me, this will have to do!

She asked to be pissed on, I said I’d do it, so here’s her sweetly lewd face soaked with my pee!

Some tits are made for cumming on, and these certainly fit the bill. Though they were also a pleasure to squeeze, back when I was still seeing and fucking the chick!