Signs ‘n such

I‘m a big fan of signs, interesting graffiti, stuff like that. They’re one of the reasons I almost always have a camera with me. No, not digital. And no longer my once-upon-a-time tried ‘n true workhorse, a Pentax Spotmatic (which is really far too heavy). Rather a small automatic Olympus instead. I’ve got lots of scanning to do. And beaucoup negatives to pull, prints to get made. But here you have a few pics for starters, with more to come. In other words, please do stay tuned! EW
(All photos below, unless otherwise credited, are © by Eddie Woods)

Amsterdam graffiti: the future screams...

Amsterdam graffiti

San Francisco 1980

New York City 1980

Road sign in Devon, England reading Humped Pelican Crossing

Devon, England

West Palm Beach, Florida

"Squatted. Of course!" (Amsterdam, 1980s)

New York City nutter (1980)

Doggie Diner (San Francisco, 1980)

New York City sign. Photo © by Charlotte Vignau

Charlotte Vignau and alphorn near Lincoln Center, NYC. Photo © by Stefanie Havelka.

Hunger. (Paris metro 1981)

New York City (1980)

In a San Francisco bus (1980)

Algerian-owned Italian night restaurant in Amsterdam (1980s). They started serving at midnight!

English author Adam Greenwood serves cautionary notice

Train station in Wales (Photographer unknown)

Café Maxwell, Amsterdam

Café Maxwell, Amsterdam

"Thank you, Simon! Have a good journey." Amsterdam's public transport system says farewell to Dutch writer Simon Vinkenoog.

Outside the British Council building in Paris

Fuck with me, I'll fuck you back 10x as hard! (Amsterdam film poster)

Amsterdam train station poster

Evacuation meeting point. Outside NOS television studios (Hilversum, Holland). Photo © by Sacha de Boer.

Amsterdam graffiti

Sorrow and existence, with bicycle

Monika Heintz's Volkswagen (painted by Amsterdam artist Fabrice, 1990s).

Another view of Monika Heintz's Fabrice-painted VW

Stuck on a wall, somewhere in Amsterdam.

On an Amsterdam lamppost.

Poster on the wall at Joël, Eddie's Amsterdam hairdressers