George Whitman, bon voyage


Anyone who manages to survive as long and wonderfully as George Whitman did, surely deserves more than a mere RIP when they pass on.

George, the iconic proprietor of Paris’ legendary Shakespeare & Co. bookshop, died on December 14th 2011, just two days after celebrating his 98th birthday!

Here’s the Guardian’s obituary

And for those of you who have not yet read it, here is the story I wrote about my experiences with George, as published in the online magazine Parisiana:
A Place to Change Trains

Along with my condolences to his lovely daughter Sylvia, and his very many close friends, there’s nothing else to say other than:
Bon voyage, mon ami.
When the good Lord made thee,
he certainly did break the proverbial mold!



Shakespeare & Co. website

Inside Shakespeare & Co.

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