Harold Norse Of Course

Harold Norse’s magnificent 1984 Amsterdam reading Harold Norse Of Course is finally available on both CD and double vinyl LP.

Only a handful of you seeing this were there at the time.

Now everyone can be there. First with your ears, and then your hearts.

Harold’s voice, and his manner of recitation, are as spellbinding now as they were then.
While the poems, plus 2x prose pieces, are nothing short of exquisite. For Harold was a great writer.

The CD version is in a handsomely designed and very lightweight ‘digipak.’

As for the LP, the presentation is simply mind-blowing! With some three dozen photos of Harold at various stages in his long (just under 93 years) and fiercely creative life on the inside sleeves, my 1984 portrait of him on the front cover, and Ira Cohen’s amazingly surrealistic full-color mylar photograph on the back. Sensational.

Previously available on audio cassette, this new release is a joint venture of Unrequited Records (San Francisco) and Ins & Outs Press (Amsterdam). And is being mainly sold and distributed by Unrequited.
Unrequited Records

And on the Unrequited site, also click Listen to hear four of the 20 tracks.

Sensual (incredibly so), dynamic, inspiring… All this and more is true.
But are mere words when compared to the total reality of Harold Norse Of Course.

Breathlessly yours, EDDIE

Perpetually curious, Norse embraced surrealism and mysticism. These poems, delivered in the surprising cadence of his Brooklyn Beat, are humorous, sensual and erotic. These are not just abstractions or merely technically accomplished poems—but searchlights into the interior that probe the psyche and then, with turns both balletic and predatory, explore the body: its odors, contours and fleshiness. Norse’s voice and mastery of form make the ugly beautiful and true. Romantic dreams are cut down to size but the quest for love never ends; the poet keeps moving on.
– Douglas Field (from his introduction to the CD version of Harold Norse Of Course.)

Remembering Harold Norse by Eddie Woods

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