Henry Miller Revisited


First comes the book.
Then if you’re lucky the reviews.
Or in some cases, if you’re unlucky.
Or if someone out there has it in for you.
Or worse yet, has it in for the topic of your book.

An example of this last scenario is Frederick Turner’s recent study, in the Icons of America series,
Renegade: Henry Miller and the Making of “Tropic of Cancer.”

No sooner was the book out, than a lady novelist with a pseudo-feminist axe to grind named Jeanette Winterson came along and tried her damnedest to bury it. With fangs bared and claws flailing, she vented her envious spleen not so much on the author but rather on the subject of his well-informed and impeccably researched work. And therefore, if only by inference, took Turner to task simply for daring to write laudingly about such an ‘unworthy person’as Henry Miller.

What Ms. Winterson couldn’t have known is that one of those who would read her ‘review’ was Einar Moos, the founding editor of Parisiana magazine. Einar, who among many other wonderful things, just happens to be a Henry Miller expert. And what’s more, knew Henry personally and at close range. Having lived with him toward the end of Henry’s life. Yes, in Miller’s Pacific Palisades home. Where they shared meals and engaged in endless far-ranging conversations: about life, literature, music, people, love; you name it. In other words, Jeanette Winterson OBE done went and locked horns with da’ wrong guy. Which is actually to say, with precisely the right guy!

Einar’s devastating critique of Jeanette’s review, with links to her piece and the book she so unwisely saw fit to heap scorn upon, is entitled “The Gratuitous Trashing of a Literary Giant.”
You can read it here

Go for it. And yeah, long live Henry Miller. ‘The Greatest Patagonian’!

Cheers, EDDIE

ps  Of course, both Einar and Frederick Turner have a genetic strike working against them. As do I. At least according to Ms. Winterson’s ‘world view’ we do. We’re all men! Well, unlike on my website, a Comments option is open for Einar’s Parisiana article. So y’know, by all means feel free. Boys & girls alike, with ladies especially welcome.

Btw, please don’t ask why I do not allow ‘for all to read’ comments on my site. I just don’t, is all.