In Harms Way

Listen up, Folks!

She was born in Wyoming, knocked about an awful lot, spent her formative
later youth in Philadelphia, and these days lives in Lille, France. But
what’s really important is that Win Harms writes the most amazingly original
poetry. Real poetry for real people. ‘Poetry you can lean on,’ as Ira Cohen
once said of Patti Smith’s.

Now Win’s first collection, In Harms Way, has been published as a Kindle
edition by Barncott Press.

You can read more about the book, as well as leaf thru a preview (and then of
course order a copy!) right here

Come June, Win’s poems will appear in two Silver Birch Press publications,
the Summer Anthology and a special Bukowski Anthology. Also this year she will have poems in Urban Graffiti and Ol’ Chanty (Chanticleer online).

Editors interested in soliciting work from Win can reach her via her website contact

While those wishing to review In Harms Way can request a free Kindle file of the book from Barncott Press

Oh yes, Yarre Stooker and I have cast Win to star in our film Mary. This is
the (short) screen adaptation of my poem “Mary.” We’re nearly ready with the
script, and hope to start shooting in early July. I cannot think of anyone
better suited to the role than Win Harms, the virgin whore poetess
(Photo of Win Harms © by Amy Richman)

Hey, y’all have a great Spring or Autumn (depending on which hemisphere
you’re in). And get ready to liven up all your seasons with In Harms Way!

Cheers, EDDIE


Win Harms website

Barncott Press

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