Mother Kali’s Daughters

Yes Folks,

Barncott Press has just Kindle published Walter Q. Foxx’s psychedelic novel set in India

Mother Kali’s Daughters

To read about it, and also see a 139-page preview
with video clip, plus for ordering information, click on this

Based in London, Barncott Press is the most innovative eBook publishing house going.

Among its current authors are:

Nina Zivancevic
Rebecca Morrison
Richard Jurgens
win harms
Neil Oram
Lee Harris
Marc Addis
bart plantenga
Will Rogers
Yuyutsu RD Sharma
Eddie Woods
Walter Q. Foxx

With many more books and writers waiting in the wings:

Surya Green’s Once Upon a Time in Yugoslavia
(travel & adventure)
Jane Harvey’s The Mainly Vegetarian Cookbook
(exquisite recipes)
Richard Jurgens’ The Joburg Job
(film script)
Eddie Woods’ Smugglers Train
(short stories collection)
win harms’ October 22
(the virgin whore poetess strikes again!)

And beaucoup others too numerous to mention!

But now hear this…
Barncott Press will soon be releasing all its Kindle titles
not yet in print as ‘top of the line’ paperback editions.
So if eBooks aren’t your cup of tea, no need to fret.
The best of both worlds is coming your way shortly!

Happy reading, EDDIE

Barncott Press

Walter Q. Foxx in Parisiana magazine

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