Michael Limnios interviews Bart Plantanga


It’s gotta be the interview of this still-young century! Sooner or later Athens-based Michael Limnios gets everyone worth getting. And now he has magnificently interviewed the writer and radio DJ Bart Plantenga. (Yes, I know…BP prefers to lower-case his name. But Mike didn’t do it, so I shan’t either this time round.) Anyway, read the interview here

That’s it, folks. Short and straight to the point. I really can do that sometimes 🙂

Cheers, EDDIE

Bart Plantenga on this website

Bart Plantenga on Parisiana magazine

Everything’s Coming Up Green

Yes, folks,

Everything IS Coming Up GREEN!

By which I specifically mean Silver Birch Press’ absolutely magnificent


Dedicated to Graham Greene. And edited by Melanie Villines (contributing
editor Joan Jobe Smith), it contains poetry and prose by 72 authors (past
and present) from eight countries on three continents (if you choose to
include England and Wales as part of Europe, that is!). With 11 USA states + D.C. represented.

There are 14 themed sections, ranging from Hues & Flavors, Money, Envy, Love & Marriage, all the way thru to Trees and New Life.

And yes, yours truly is also on board. With 2x poems (“Green My Envy” and
“Clear Queer Green”), plus a condensed version of my long interview with
Jack Micheline. Who is likewise poetically represented. As are Karen Margolis,
Tate Swindell, William Blake, Amy Lowell, Philip K. Dick, and even Henry VIII.

The Green Anthology is available in both print and Kindle editions.

For ordering information and to read more about the Green Anthology go here

And then yeah, buy yourself a copy!

Jack Micheline in Amsterdam review

Dear Friends,

Silver Birch Press have posted a ‘must read’ review of Jack Micheline in
on their website.

Their review of this Unrequited Records CD release is short, insightful, and
covers all the most relevant bases.

So hey, don’t hesitate! Read the review now

Ever onward, EDDIE

“Micheline is the nuts.” – Jack Kerouac

Silver Birch Press

Silver Birch Press blog

Unrequited Records

Barcelona INK

Buenos dias, amigos y amigas,

Or whatever time of day it is by thee when you get to see this.

Issue no. 10 of Barcelona INK is now available. In both print and Kindle editions. For an enlarged view of the cover, and to read a summary of the contents, scroll down here

And here you have the Kindle edition

Which can be downloaded to any eBook device, or free Kindle app

Barcelona INK is the only English-language literary magazine devoted
exclusively to the Catalan capital.

I am very pleased to be appearing in this issue, with two poems (“A World
Afar” and “Detached Observer”) plus a 20-questions interview.

Also be sure to check out the omnibus Best of Barcelona INK near the bottom
of their page.

Order now and enjoy!

Vaya con Dios, EDDIE

On Capital Punishment

Yes Friends,

This has been a long time coming. Namely my definitive treatise on the death
penalty. In which I clearly present all the main arguments against ever
imposing and carrying out a death sentence…in any circumstances and no
matter how heinous the crime. And follow that up with a series of possible
counter-arguments, and my unequivocal rebuttal to each one of them. Ergo,
this is in every respect a ‘take no prisoners’ essay!

On Capital Punishment has now been published in Parisiana magazine. You can read it here

Having never polled my extensive mailing list on the subject, I’ve of course
no way of knowing precisely where everyone on it stands with respect to the
death penalty. My educated guess is that the vast majority oppose it.
Comments are closed on this particular Parisiana page. And with good reason. The magazine is, as it should be, freely accessible to all and sundry.
Yet I’ve already seen the kind of scurrilous remarks that got posted on
Expatica’s site after they published a version of my original Zahra Bahrami mailing.* Such as, “The problem with executions are [sic] that there are way too few, not too many.” Thus should you have something of interest to say, you’ll need to direct your response to me personally. You can contact me via this link.

What I do however ask of you is: IF you are in touch with any individuals
who either support capital punishment or are sitting on the fence, then by
all means send the link to my article on to them. As I say in the piece
itself, I am not in the business of preaching to the converted. Although
hopefully all that I’ve written will give you more than enough solid
ammunition to blow away any pro-death penalty arguments that may ever get
fired in your direction.

Ultimately it is those who continue to cling to wrong-headed views concerning capital punishment I am most wanting to reach. With all verbal guns blazing.

Ever onwards towards sanity, EDDIE

Parisiana magazine

Eddie Woods in Parisiana

* No Man Is An Island

Herbert Huncke: Guilty of Everything

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Herbert Huncke!

That’s how, nearly 25 years ago, I introduced Herbert for what proved to be
an absolutely riveting storytelling reading at Ins & Outs Press. It went on
nonstop for two solid hours. And when it drew to a close, the packed-house
audience were still asking for more. Now the live recording of that amazing
evening has finally been released as a double-CD album, by Unrequited
Records in San Francisco. It’s called Guilty of Everything, which is also the title of one of Herbert’s books.

Take a look here

Amsterdam residents can score copies of the album from me personally.
Everyone else must order from Unrequited Records. Details for this,
including prices, are on their Order page. Plus you can already hear
selected tracks by going to the Listen page.

Eddie Woods interviewed

Hi Folks,

A short while ago the Athens-based writer & journalist Michael Limnios wrote and asked if he could interview me. I said yes, and the interview has now been posted on Michael’s magazine, Blues @ Greece. It also has lots of groovy photos of moi, some of which you’ll already know, others not. The interview is here

What’s further interesting is that this interview covers different ground than the one Sacha de Boer conducted with me three years ago (and which was published in her book Retour New York-Amsterdam and can be found on my website). In other words, they perfectly complement one another.

Once you’ve read the interview (and I hope you will, because it’s good!), be sure to check out Michael’s main page. It’s great. You’ll even hear music playing on it.

Ciao for now, EDDIE

Michael Limnios Blues @ Greece

Michael Limnios interviews

Mary: the poem, the video clip, the Pietà photograph

Dear Fellow Poetry Lovers,

I am at once pleased and proud to announce that my classic poem “Mary” is now appearing in the excellent online magazine Urban Graffiti. It is there together with a video clip of me reciting the poem at Ana Montana’s outrageously wonderful sAlon dAdA, in Amsterdam. (This clip was made by Helena Karsten, with whom I’m now working on a film adaptation of “Mary.”) And is further accompanied by the famous Diana Blok & Marlo Broekmans Pietà photograph. In which I am Mary to Diana’s Jesus.

You can get to all of that right now, right here

That’s it, folks. See how short and sweetly to the point I can be sometimes 🙂

Cheers, EDDIE

Urban Graffiti magazine

Honor Thy Woof is now online!


On March 4th 1987, a most extraordinary funeral took place. Snuffie, the Gangster Woof of Amsterdam, was laid to rest. That was all so long ago, that only a large handful of you had the pleasure of meeting, and in some cases coming to know, my little dog guru. A few others have heard tell of him. To the vast majority the name itself is new. Snuffie and I were together for just over six years. I’d inherited him from my dear French junkie prostitute friend Elisabeth Lemoine, who died at far too young an age in early January 1981. Her tale is ultimately tragic. Whereas Snuffie’s is, and shall always remain, glorious. But the two are intertwined, at least to begin with. Hopefully one day I’ll get round to telling both their stories in full. For now, however, I’d simply like to introduce you, via a series of somewhat surreal photographs, to the ceremoniously stylish manner by which Woofie took his leave. His body left us, and his barks. Yet his spirit, and his special brand of uncanny canine wisdom, live on.

And so I give you, at last online,
The Snuffie Memorial Exhibition