Patronage Time

Dear Friends,

Hip-hip hooray, I turned 73 today! And although thank goodness I am both healthy and creatively productive, I am also still flat broke. And therefore require financial assistance from whomever can afford to offer it. While to those who cannot, no problem! I know you would if you could and that’s what counts. Yet I will greatly appreciate whatever comes my way. Whether in the form of monthly support donations or a single contribution in any amount. Apart from ongoing ‘roof over my head, etc’ help from my best friend & guardian angel Jane, plus the occasional paying performance gig and a trickle of books & CDs sales, that is the only way I manage to keep my pretty little head above water. So that I can get on with doing what I do best, namely writing. I have recently finished penning what I feel is a significant book, Tennessee Williams in Bangkok (to be print published this autumn by Inkblot Publications in Providence, Rhode Island); come July, Yarre Stooker and I will be shooting our film Mary, starring Win Harms in the title role; and I have countless other projects waiting patiently on backburners: more books, more poems, more stories & essays, as well as the animated film version of my erotic fairytale in verse, “The Faerie Princess” (likewise with Yarre Stooker). Concerning the next installment of my Stanford archive, that has been delayed until a new curator is selected (my previous curator had to leave the university to due urgent family matters, and take up a post in her native New Zealand).

And no, I do not have a pension. I am not entitled to official benefits or grants from any country on the planet. (Forget about why, that’s simply how it is.) I appear regularly in all sorts of prestigious periodicals that, alas, do not pay; nor do I mind, ‘cos I know they’re not in a position to. Indeed, I God bless them for existing and fighting the good fight! As Mike Todd once put it: “Being broke is a situation, poverty is a state if mind. I’ve been broke many times in my life, but I’ve never been poor.” Me, too.
But I do need some money!

Patronage is a noble practice, folks. So much so that Cicero believed the very concept of a Roman clientela (i.e., the patron-client relationship) must have been brought to Rome by Romulus himself. Here is a summary history of patronage

The easiest way for you to send me money is via PayPal

Or if you’d prefer to pay directly into either my ING account in Holland or my Barclays account in the UK, just say and I’ll email you the relevant information. You can contact me from here

That’s it. Didn’t hurt a bit, eh. And thank you for taking the time to read this.


ps Some while back a close friend kindly paid off my credit card debt, so that the monthly interest payments would stop killing me. The card is in my wallet (Visa Gold, looks good!), but I’ve no intention of ever again using it. What I do grrrr have is a £1300 overdraft that is only killing me half as much, but killing me nonetheless. And I would dearly love to see the slate wiped totally clean on that. I’m not expecting this will happen, mind. But you can’t blame a guy for trying. Or dreaming of miracles 🙂

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