Poems by Eddie Woods (see below).

There are so many poems, and I am posting them here slowly but surely. Trying to select the right ones and the best order in which to present them. Most of the poems are listed by their actual titles, but there are exceptions. Such as “Metaphor for America,” named at left as the Karla Faye Tucker poem (I want those who are familiar with Karla to realize immediately that this is an anti-capital punishment poem); and “Irreverent Homage,” my memorial poem for Roberto Valenza. Plus a note on Anatomy of a Burning Heart: this is Radio Joy’s splendid presentation of the two long narrative poems from the cd version of my book Tsunami of Love: A Poems Cycle, with their own soundscape underlay added. There are also other audio clips and videos/films (with hopefully more of these to come). Thank you for your visit, I really do appreciate it. Should you have any comments or suggestions, you can reach me via the Contact page .  EW

Photographs accompanying any of the poems, unless otherwise credited, are © by Eddie Woods.

I have no doubt at all the Devil grins
As seas of ink I spatter.
Ye gods, forgive my ‘literary’ sins—
The other kind don’t matter.

Robert W. Service

Photo of Eddie © by Babette Ubink

Photo of Eddie at Ruigoord © by Peter Edel














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