A Midnight Longing

I need to be touched
in ways I’ve not been touched before.
I need to feel things
that are strange, beautiful and new.
I need for the wind
of a wildly passionate love
to gust hard and strong
into my desperately waiting sails.
What I desire
is to be set on fire,
what I long for
is you…
whoever you are,
wherever you may be,
hiding in some secret place
my lust has failed to discover,
my eyes are unable to see,
and my burning loins
can only dream of.
Are you there?
Can you see me?
Crawl into my arms
in the cold dead of night,
so that together in madness
we may chase the hungry ghosts
of my unsought celibacy into oblivion.
The surest cure for midnight longings is sex.

January 3rd, 2010

First published in Parisiana