Bloody Mary


EDDIE WOODS speaking on the phone to the Israeli filmmaker and visual artist Jacques Katmor, 1985. EW’s end of the conversation spontaneously recorded by Peter Edel (at Ins & Outs Press). Also present was the American writer William Levy.

Where would I be?


That is one thing… I can be accused of many things, but that I toy with words or play with words: I do not toy, my dear. I know words; words are my dedication. My dedication is to know and to understand words inside and out; to use them absolutely properly; and–as far as possible–to make them relate to my highest conscious understanding of what they are doing.

Well, you say, you say. But that is my art. My art is words.

Words for me…are not only serious…they are the same thing as bullets.

When I write, when I speak. And the way I am speaking now, my words are like bullets.

This is a pose? But I am the gangster poet of this age. And I have enough fucking ammunition to wipe out as much opposition as will ever come up against me. And every fucking bullet will hit the mark, because I am a good shot. I don’t know what kind of weapon you like to fire, but I can tell you this…I was damn good with a .45 automatic. [Laughs]

Really? You’re telling me that I don’t take words seriously?

No, it is not irrelevant. It is definitely not irrelevant.

My purpose in life is to know God, to love God and to serve God.

My dear, everything I do in life is directed toward knowing God, loving God, serving God. As I conceive of him or her…or it, if you will. Yes, fine: whoever; whatever I conceive of as God.

Myself? I don’t have a self. There is no self, there’s no I. I’m not here.

There are heretics in this world. There are such things as heretics. No, I’m not fighting. But I do know a heretic when I meet one.

I just used the name. I AM MARY.

My mother was Mary, I am Mary. Do you know how many Marys have been in my life?

She doesn’t have to come.

Did she? Yes, and she spit it back at me.

My mother, my dear, was not quite all that.

But Mary and Kali are one. MARY AND KALI ARE ONE! The sacred and the profane are one. She is profane. She is beautiful, and she is profane.

You do know what Kali means, don’t you? Kali means black. And I worship her, I certainly do worship her.

And they are the same thing. THEY’RE THE SAME THING. You can’t have the white without the black, you cannot have the black without the white. How else do you make films, how do you make pictures?

You’ve just said it and I’ve just said it. OK! Yes, this is the end. This is Kali Yuga; it’s the end, the end. And it is beautiful. The age of destruction is beautiful. Black, Beautiful and the End.

Look, man: Each one…runs one’s life…in one’s own way.

Spoil what party?


She’s Divine Mother, my dear. That is who she is: DIVINE MOTHER.

Look: Maha Kali is…among other things…along with being the Goddess of Death, Destruction and the Transformation of Time…Kali is the myth that I have created…as a way of focusing…to concentrate… She is, let us say, a superior vehicle. And Kali Incorporated, that bothers you, right?

[recording speeds up]

It’s not my way. You see, I have a Gemini moon. Gemini is Mercury. And I was born on a Wednesday; Wednesday is Mercury. And my ascendant is Libra: I play both sides at one time. And as a Taurus I stand my ground.

Well, that’s the way it may appear. But everything is in the eye of the beholder. To some people I may always appear as the good guy. And to other people I may always appear as the bad guy. To me, I am as I do. “By their fruit shall ye know them.”

I’m a what? A traitor? A traitor to whom? Of course I’m a traitor. Yes, I’m a double agent. You have to be a double agent. You see, I want to be on both sides at the same fucking time.

Well, you can call it a traitor if you like… But if I’m on both sides…then this guarantees…that I cannot lose.

Hey, when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, then there’s no problem. I know which side of the barricades I’ll be on. And I know…yes, there’ll be fewer people on my side than on the other side. But there’ll be BETTER people on my side.

“And not all good people will be on the same side.” Exactly! Not all good people will be on the same side. This is a quote from William Levy. But not in your heart…in your heart you cannot be on both sides.

No, in the heart you can’t. But in the brain you can. Because the brain is divided into two hemispheres. One controls the masculine, the other the feminine. And that is where you are on both sides…because you must be both. The ideal is…the Androgyny.

“It takes two wings to fly.” True, it takes two wings to fly. I’m getting a bit of coaching here. Hey, I gotta get off now. I’ll ring you back in about 15 minutes, enshallah. OK…right now I have something to do. Right, bye-bye.

[Hangs up the phone, still unaware that he’s being recorded]

He’s mad…he’s stark staring mad. I’m gonna phone his wife immediately. I’ll start an affair with her tonight. It’s all over; he’s totally fucking insane. But…finally…KALI HAS FREAKED SOMEBODY OUT!

Eddie Woods recites “Bloody Mary” (audio clip)

Eddie Woods performs Bloody Mary (video clip)

First publication: Nictoglobe Issue #2, 2009