Clear Queer Green

Clear queer green on metal white
Flowers blooming out of sight
Breaking light through mists of dawn
Petals open to the lawn

Dim and foreign figures wrought
Where sunny starmates come to naught
Tangled dreams on brittle dew
As thoughts seep down beyond our view

O stay, she cried to the dragon wild
Who clutched and bellowed at her child
But the monster fled with a sudden tear
That belched in flames o’er the golden bier

Aiee, serpents brewing in the trees of Spain
Cast scarlet shadows on the horse’s mane
Then the stallion mingled his fear with fright
And charged in glory through the homespun night

Come tell me your troubles
My ancient brothers
Or my geese may never come home

I’ll tell you, they sighed
As they lay down and died
In the twinkle of an old orange moon.