Crude Reflections

on Honey’s sweet ass
(before it finally happened)

I see you lying
face down on the bed,
golden blonde hair
caressing your head,
trim little bum
perched high in the air,
pale-cheeked bottom
so temptingly fair;
and I fantasize
with a horny sigh
(remembering well
how softly you cry)
on having spanked you,
your long legs outspread,
ere kneeling before you
and giving you head,
then rather than screwing
your wild juicy cunt,
our bodies trembling
from back to front,
to have let your rear door
bear the beautiful brunt.

O to have whipped you
strong, hard & fast,
a prelude to fucking
deep up your ass,
filling your rectum
with burning hot sperm,
holding your ankles
and watching you squirm,
jamming your anus
with my hardened spike,
if only to know
what you really like.

I see you lying
face down on the bed,
and now wish I’d fucked
your sweet ass instead.