DANGEROUS PRECIPICE (audio clips from the cd)

Dangerous Precipice contains 40 tracks of varying lengths. Here you have a small selection for listening to:


White Lady

Plastic Madonnas



Loveliest of Trees

When We Two Parted

The Spell of the Yukon

And here is a listing of all the tracks, along with the times:
01 Dangerous Precipice 01:34
02 Sale or Return 03:11
03 White Lady 01:18
04 Bananas 01:33
05 Ode to the Clap 05:55
06 Poona Provocation 00:54
07 Bhagwan Boogie 00:24
08 Elementals 00:56
09 Magic Amsterdam 01:03
10 Song to Ujjain 01:30
11 Plastic Madonnas 01:38
12 Apocalypse 00:55
13 The Hermitage 00:29
14 Forms 00:22
15 Clear Queer Green 00:59
16 Desire 00:39
17 The Animal 00:47
18 Green My Envy 01:12
19 Insinuations 01:04
20 Inspired Consequences 00:44
21 Portrait for Jenny 01.44
22 Divine Enchantment 01:13
23 A Tear Rolled Gentle 00:21
24 Correct Me If I Am Wrong 00:28
25 Winstoning Without You 01:08
26 London Sonata 01:21
27 This Time in Kathmandu 00:59
28 Tangiers Quartet 00:39
29 Kasbah 00:34
30 Mary 03:56
31 Prayer 00:37
32 Gentle Reminder 00:36
33 Farewell 00:34
34 Loveliest of Trees (A.E. Housman) 00:38
35 When I Was One-and-Twenty (Housman) 00:37
36 When We Two Parted (Lord Byron) 00:59
37 The Spell of the Yukon (Robert W. Service) 03:28
38 The Cremation of Sam McGee (Service) 05:36
39 The Shooting of Dan McGrew (Service) 05:45
40 My Madonna (Service) 00:45

EDDIE WOODS writes poetry the way he lives life, intensely. His earliest literary influences were Robert W. Service, Dylan Thomas and Mickey Spillane. Experience informs his art, and vice versa. Passion, raw edges, nothing left out. Sex, love, politics…coupled with an unrelenting drive toward awareness, the need to understand what universal reality is all about. Upon reading Eddie’s “Ode to the Clap,” Harold Norse hailed him as a latter-day Blaise Cendrars. The renowned Irish poet Ewart Milne said of the poem “Mary,” following its publication in Iron magazine: “It’s very powerful, strong and fearless, and it troubles the hell out of me!…It reminds me somehow of the brothel scene in Ulysses.” Both are included on this compact disc, as well as 31 further selections from before, during and after Eddie’s Gangster Poet period. The clarity of voice and the biting poetic images leave no doubt but that Eddie Woods, like his favorite singer Frank Sinatra, has always done things his way.

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