Dangerous Precipice

I don’t always know
each next time I step out into darkness
what a dangerous precipice
my future is skirting along
But the feeling of it
a slight chill up the spine
at the moment of awakening
is more than secure
It is a deadly certainty.

Recognition, the half hidden desire
to endlessly repeat oneself
I have been here before
I have even survived the experience

Cardinal virtue or cardinal sin
difficult sometimes
to tell what the difference is
or even    if it is

My dreams are like angels
shadows of decadence
transcending death
Stung by the first bitter arrows
of morning light
they retreat into safety
What devil can blame them then?

When it comes to lust
nothing is sacred
not even cowardice

Yet my fears would give anything
to live forever
in the soft shuddering murmur
of a single passionate night
Breathlessly    with neither grief nor honor

The burden of thought is one thing
but for sheer ecstasy    and kicks
the anguish of freedom
has everything else beat all to hell
It takes nerve to ask someone if they believe in God.