for Dana Young
killed in Bali, spring 1979

Speed kills
even in Bali
& live demons wait
near every rice field
to commit karmic murder
Besides the japanese
hate opium
makes them lazy &
slows down suzuki
Shouldn’t have trusted
the motherfuckers
not in Bali
wrong way to
play w/ magic
motor bikes on
kuta beach
great sunsets
mesmerizing yr eyes
mushroom dancing
& scary Barongs
Slipped on yr own
kris is what happened
an ounce too little
necessary faith
I hope they burned
yr sweet body
out to sea
back where Rangda
blew herself ashore
Way the Balinese
free mortal spirits
smooth sailing
under reckless waves
strange curse of
worldly madness
then back again
for another juicy try
Fuck motorcycles
& the japs
they rode in on.