Excursion Into Eden

The finest love,
like a serpent of truth,
comes unexpectedly,

coils elegantly
to seize the mind
with purest desire.

A flame
rages at the core
of my sweltering heart;
mantras to Venus
sizzle in my loins.

My eyes,
heavy with words,
search the windowpane,
the dark night beyond the canal,
for your changing faces.
They are stilled by reflections
etched in my own image.

The gods are laughing again.
Divine jealously, human lust.
Paradise as a playground
for every mortal joy.
Oh yes, never stop tempting me!

In bed,
the pungent smell of your sex
burns dreams through my nostrils.

I drift into sleep
wanting only you:
your fevered touch
ablaze with passion,
your enticing smile
cherishing pleasure.
All woman,
and then some.

There are no limits
to what my longings
envision doing with you.

In mere days
we experienced lifetimes;
what sadness to end them.

They do not end,
but sprinkle themselves
like diamond dust
in my haunted recall:

You were here,
you were real,
you were no illusion!

I tidy my desk,
play chess with the devil,
and await your return.

Come soon;
there is so much of you
yet to explore.

the lemon plant seems lonely.