Imagining You

for Janine

I’ve always had a thing for German girls,
which is why I married two of them.
And now after so many years
you suddenly come along,
reigniting a Teutonic fire
in my heart and groin.
Maybe some will say
you’re too young for me,
but I’ll not let such intimations
interfere with my lust or hormones.
At present it’s strictly a cyber affair.
And though going hot & heavy,
may well continue that way.
Yet that doesn’t stop me
envisioning you in my bed.
We’re naked, I hold & caress you,
finger your pussy, moistening her.
My tongue licks all of you slowly,
forehead nipples bellybutton toes,
and back up to your Venus mound,
where it indulges itself in exploring
and tasting the myriad joys on offer.
You are wet, I am hard, but we wait
till the moment is perfect for fucking.
Before that I make sure that you cum
again & again, and scream with delight
as each orgasm shudders ecstatically,
almost unbearably, to the very core
of your intensely wild sexual being.
This is the scenario I torridly experience
whenever I find myself hotly imagining you.