The closeness we feel
portrays the reality
of unerring love.

Wherever I was,
whatever I was doing,
our hearts were as one.

This was always so.
No matter the twists and turns,
blood stayed true to blood.

You went your own way,
and I certainly went mine.
Distances bound us.

As did the unique:
each taking such immense pride
in the other’s life.

Your mother and I,
how fortunate that we met.
Talk of God’s strangeness!

You belong to you,
an independent woman
whose soul mirrors mine.

Would that all fathers
had the karma to deserve
a daughter like you.


Monika Woods and her father Eddie Woods (May 2001)

Monika Woods and her father (May 2001)

Eddie's eldest daughter Monika at age 18 (March 1981)

Monika Woods at age 18 (1981)