In October of 1976, Earl Butz (Secretary of Agriculture under Richard Nixon and then Gerald Ford) was overheard telling the singer Pat Boone (himself a right-wing Republican): “The only thing colored folks want in life is a tight pussy, loose shoes and a warm place to shit.” Soon after the story appeared in Rolling Stone, Butz was forced to resign.

Hey, black man
Don’t become white
Just play every day
Like a Saturday night

Drive your pink Cadillac
Stuff payin’ them bills
Rip off the System
And all of its frills

Watch your TV
Get juiced in the bar
Shout poems from the rooftops
But be your own star

Hang out in the ghetto
If life there is cool
Bojangle in freedom
Break every damn rule

Hey, black man
Don’t become white
It’s us who are different
It’s you who are right

An’ when whitey sez “nigger”
‘cause you won’t play his game
Just give him the finger
Be glad you’re still sane

There ain’t nothin’ wrong
With a warm place to shit
A pair of loose shoes
A pussy that fits

Those things are real
They’ve got substance and juice
While all ofay schemes
Are as free as a noose

Hey, black man
Don’t become white
Be proud of your beauty
Let hincty fools fight

We make a joke
Of the beat in your soul
Yet that God-given rhythm
Is man’s only true goal

I know you’re in touch
With a vibe that is real
While I sit and think
You live and you feel

You’re a child of the jungle
Keeping Nature alive
And ‘civilization’
Is just so much honky jive

Hey, black man
I wish I were you
Don’t sell out to me
Whatever you do.