White Lady

White lady
dealer in moon wisdom
my soul is in awe
of your crystalline beauty

Each curve
of your finely drawn body
reveals itself
in a sequence of lines
O harem of deceit!

With feminine wile
you seduce my psyche
beguiling me
with incomparable style

a prisoner of paradox
I etch your essence
across the mirrors
of unspeakable rhyme
What exquisite bondage!

When was it
shadowed by suspicions
I deeply distrusted you?
Erotic images
were your saving grace

Sweet decadence
informer of delights
how easily we succumb
to the sharp edges
of imaginary splendor

by the thrill of cold
I envision an ice age
and strip naked
to await its arrival

White lady
object of lust
under your rude gaze
I pierce illusion with illusions
and rapidly become
a jaded buddha.