Sensitive Skin #3 blasts off!

Hi Folks!

As Superman would say: Up, up and away!
Hey, I was Superman once! (A little ‘in joke,’ for those in the know. Tee-hee.)

And so I’m here to tell you that Sensitive Skin #3 has been launched and is flying high.

I could talk and talk about how great it is. But seeing is believing and so too is hearing. Writing and photography and videos and audios and…like wow! Sensitive Skin has all that and more.

Yes, I too am there. With a short video some of you have seen, but most of you not. (And this is its best ever presentation.) Namely Yaron Ben-Nun’s film adaptation of my poem “Bananas.” Along with a brief back-story about how the poem happened, and then the film. From me going down on a black GI in Hong Kong to meeting Yaron at Xaviera Hollander’s and reciting “Bananas” for him.

But this is not only about me. This is about lots of good stuff!

In particular I suggest that you definitely check out In Spite of the Devil by Spuyten Duyvil. Their three sublime audio tracks Being CelesteRain and Snow, and I Know You’ll Leave Me. (Spuyten Duyvil. Hell, I was born near there! Up by Inwood Park, a stone’s throw from the Bronx.)

Then Ted Barron’s photography. Lord, don’t get me started. Devastatingly exquisite!

Et cetera, et cetera, ad bloody infinitum………………………….!

Sensitive Skin is a ‘total magazine,’ people. This issue, for sure. Plus those that preceded it. Which you can also browse through. It used to be a print publication, now it’s on the internet. Read their history atAbout. And also go to Back Issues. And while you’re at it Subscribe to their mailing list. Yo!

Bookmark it. And whenever you’ve time, go bopping around there. Starting of course with the current number:

Ted Barron – Photographs
Craig Clevenger – Mercury
Rebecca Weiner Tompkins – Electronic Dialogue & other poems
Ron Kolm – Maupin Row
Spuyten Duyvil – In Spite of the Devil
John Farris – Balloons, Beads
Eddie Woods – Bananas
Dan Sofaer – Vain Endeavor & other poems

Sensitive Skin magazine
The story behind and the film adaptation of the poem Bananas
“Bananas” (the text)

All best and love to everyone, EDDIE