Smugglers Train

Yes Friends,

It’s been a while since I last did a posting here. Happens occasionally, as I’ve been busy with lots of other things. But now I have great news to announce. My book Smugglers Train has been published in Germany by Moloko+. It’s a collection of 19 poems in the original English, plus six prose pieces (fiction & non-fiction) as excellently rendered into German by the well-known translator Pociao. The spiffy cover design and layout was done by Inga Tillere, who also contributed several eye-catching collages. In addition to which there are photos, including some of mine. I am understandably very pleased!

NB Do not confuse this publication with Smugglers Train & Other Stories, which was published a couple of years back by Barncott Press. That book is entirely in English and contains only fiction.

Ever onward, EDDIE

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