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The Beat Goes On!

Dear Friends,

The Beat I’m talking about here is the Beat Generation. And nowhere are those who comprised it more creatively presented than in Beat Scene magazine. Edited by Kevin Ring, it’s been going for nearly 30 years, during which 87 issues have appeared (with no. 88 due out any moment). The current number (Autumn 2017) is an On the Road special, celebrating the 60th anniversary of Jack Kerouac’s groundbreaking novel. There are in-depth articles by a host of knowledgeable writers, including Ann Charters (Kerouac’s first biographer), Pauline Reeves, Brian Dalton, Kevin Ring, J. M. White, et al; as well as two interviews (definitely check out Steve Turner’s with Luanne Henderson entitled “Hello Marylou”).

Further good news is that after an unfortunate hiatus (don’t ask!), Beat Scene’s website is back up. By following the various threads, you’ll find ordering information, editor/publisher Kevin Ring’s email address, etc. Just click on this link for it

Beat Scene Press additionally publishes chapbooks. Number 60 in the series, William Burroughs and the South Texas Beats, is a fascinating conversation between Rob Johnson and Juan Ochoa concerning the time Burroughs spent farming in that area. At once witty and urbane, it contains a wealth of priceless WSB insights and observations.

And while you’re at it, treat yourself to a journey thru Beat Scene‘s amazing history, which is here

Enjoy, EDDIE

PS To make matters easier for you, these are the editor’s First Words for November 28th 2017

Mary (the film) in Urban Graffiti

Hi Poetry and Film Lovers,

The Yarre Stooker film Mary, based on my poem “Mary” and starring the virgin whore poetess Win Harms in the title role, has now been wonderfully presented in Urban Graffiti magazine. You can read the write-up and see the film right here

Once you have done, by all means send the link to your friends and colleagues. We want Mary to go viral. She deserves to!

We will of course be entering Mary in film festivals. Should it win anything like an Oscar, you’ll surely hear 🙂

Cheers, EDDIE

“I suspect Mary will win many awards at film festivals. It is the best
cinematic treatment of a poem I have seen in a very long time.”
Urban Graffiti editor Mark McCawley

Barcelona INK

Buenos dias, amigos y amigas,

Or whatever time of day it is by thee when you get to see this.

Issue no. 10 of Barcelona INK is now available. In both print and Kindle editions. For an enlarged view of the cover, and to read a summary of the contents, scroll down here

And here you have the Kindle edition

Which can be downloaded to any eBook device, or free Kindle app

Barcelona INK is the only English-language literary magazine devoted
exclusively to the Catalan capital.

I am very pleased to be appearing in this issue, with two poems (“A World
Afar” and “Detached Observer”) plus a 20-questions interview.

Also be sure to check out the omnibus Best of Barcelona INK near the bottom
of their page.

Order now and enjoy!

Vaya con Dios, EDDIE

Mary: the poem, the video clip, the Pietà photograph

Dear Fellow Poetry Lovers,

I am at once pleased and proud to announce that my classic poem “Mary” is now appearing in the excellent online magazine Urban Graffiti. It is there together with a video clip of me reciting the poem at Ana Montana’s outrageously wonderful sAlon dAdA, in Amsterdam. (This clip was made by Helena Karsten, with whom I’m now working on a film adaptation of “Mary.”) And is further accompanied by the famous Diana Blok & Marlo Broekmans Pietà photograph. In which I am Mary to Diana’s Jesus.

You can get to all of that right now, right here

That’s it, folks. See how short and sweetly to the point I can be sometimes 🙂

Cheers, EDDIE

Urban Graffiti magazine

The Beer Mystic does Eddie Woods

Dear Friends,

I simply cannot resist sending this out. That’s how truly chuffed I am (as the English like to say).

bart plantenga, author of the fantabulously wild-cum-surrealistically inebriated novel Beer Mystic, is progressively penning a profile of each and every one of the 40-odd people/websites/magazines/blogs that are hosting chapters of his book. And now it’s my turn. bart’s piece on me is entitled “Eddie Don’t Do Beer.” And the lad is right. Except for the very occasional witbier or Weißbier (with a slice of lemon added!) on a hot summer’s afternoon, I am nowadays pretty much a gentleman wino.

Jack Micheline rides again!

November greetings, y’all!

I hope you are keeping warm or cool or dry, depending on what the weather is like in your part of the world.

But wherever you are, you’re only a couple of clicks away from ordering issue #63 of Beat Scene magazine. Which is hot off the press and contains (along with so much else) my definitive interview with the late troubadour poet Jack Micheline.