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Dear Friends,

Silver Birch Press have posted a ‘must read’ review of Jack Micheline in
on their website.

Their review of this Unrequited Records CD release is short, insightful, and
covers all the most relevant bases.

So hey, don’t hesitate! Read the review now

Ever onward, EDDIE

“Micheline is the nuts.” – Jack Kerouac

Silver Birch Press

Silver Birch Press blog

Unrequited Records

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Herbert Huncke!

That’s how, nearly 25 years ago, I introduced Herbert for what proved to be
an absolutely riveting storytelling reading at Ins & Outs Press. It went on
nonstop for two solid hours. And when it drew to a close, the packed-house
audience were still asking for more. Now the live recording of that amazing
evening has finally been released as a double-CD album, by Unrequited
Records in San Francisco. It’s called Guilty of Everything, which is also the title of one of Herbert’s books.

Take a look here

Amsterdam residents can score copies of the album from me personally.
Everyone else must order from Unrequited Records. Details for this,
including prices, are on their Order page. Plus you can already hear
selected tracks by going to the Listen page.

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Dear All,

My poetry CD Dangerous Precipice was released in 2004. Thirty-three of my own poems, plus me reciting seven poems by three other poets (A. E. Housman, Lord Byron, and Robert W. Service).

That was followed three years later by my recording of Tsunami of Love: A Poems Cycle.

These are now available for online downloading via New Antique Records.

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Hello again, dear people.

I do not usually send out back-to-back mailings. But I did say in my previous mail that this announcement would be coming soon.

And so…

The Faerie Princess & Other Poems
has just been released on audio cassette by Sloow Tapes in Belgium!

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Jack Micheline rides again!

November 26, 2010 by

November greetings, y’all!

I hope you are keeping warm or cool or dry, depending on what the weather is like in your part of the world.

But wherever you are, you’re only a couple of clicks away from ordering issue #63 of Beat Scene magazine. Which is hot off the press and contains (along with so much else) my definitive interview with the late troubadour poet Jack Micheline.

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Harold Norse Of Course

July 17, 2010 by

Harold Norse’s magnificent 1984 Amsterdam reading Harold Norse Of Course is finally available on both CD and double vinyl LP.

Only a handful of you seeing this were there at the time.

Now everyone can be there. First with your ears, and then your hearts.

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