Tennessee Williams in Bangkok is now in Kindle!

Dear Friends,

As most of you know, my Thailand and Singapore memoir, Tennessee Williams in Bangkok, was print published last year by Inkblot Publications (Providence, Rhode Island).

Now Barncott Press in London have released the book in Kindle and (for Nook, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc) .epub editions. Links for these and the print edition, along with a preview that allows you to already read the first four chapters,* are on the Barncott Press website

* Plus see down below (at the end of this posting) for those first four chapters!

Many people have been wanting this. eBooks are growing in popularity. While some folks like to have both: print editions for their shelves at home and eBook devices when traveling. There is also the free Kindle app that can be downloaded to your computer desktop or tablets such as iPad. (The link for that is likewise on the Barncott site.)

Barncott Press currently have 19 titles on offer, with lots more in the pipeline. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, travel & adventure. Bop around there to see. TWIB is the third book of mine they’ve published. (The others are Smugglers Train and Tsunami of Love.) Thus far the reviews have been exceptionally positive. It’s a good book. If you’ve not yet read it, do yourself a favor and score it now. You won’t be disappointed. Also consider buying it for a friend. They’ll love you for it 🙂

Hey, happy reading!

Cheers, EDDIE

Barncott Press

Inkblot Publications

A playwright, a journalist, and a stunningly beautiful drag-queen prostitute. In this fascinating memoir, Eddie Woods brings all three together. And along the way graces us with countless insights into the heart and mind of one of America’s greatest dramatists. Even while paying homage to his beloved Kim, the most unique of his many lovers. As well as regaling us with numerous other tales of his more than two years in the City of Angels. Wherever he is, Tennessee Williams is smiling at this book. Now you can smile with him.

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