Tennessee Williams in Bangkok

Dear Friends,

It is pure pleasure to announce
the publication of my latest prose offering,

Tennessee Williams in Bangkok

This is an exciting book, people!
All 156 pages of it.

Mainly a memoir of my years in Thailand and Singapore, it is also a tale of
adventure and romance. As well as a homage to two very important people in
my life: Kim, my Chinese drag-queen prostitute lover; and Tennessee Williams,
one of the three greatest American playwrights of the 20th century, with whom
I had the great good fortune of becoming close friends in the early 1970s.

Plus there’s politics, madcap journalism, and an awful lot of far-out sex. If you can imagine it, then rest assured I wrote it. And now you can read it, as you definitely should!

And yes, you’ll find photos, too. Including a stunning portrait of Tennessee by the one and only Gerard Malanga.

Published by Inkblot Publications
(Providence, Rhode Island),
Tennessee Williams in Bangkok
can be purchased directly from Aftermath Books
(recommended for folks in the USA)
by sending an email to:
In which case the price is $15 postpaid.

While if you are elsewhere on the planet,
go to either Amazon US

Amazon UK

or any of several other Amazons
(Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Canada, India, etc),
or AbeBooks

At present, Tennessee Williams in Bangkok is available in print only.
If and when there is a Kindle edition, I’ll surely let you know.

As you can doubtless tell, I am very chuffed about this book.
Which from the first word to the last was a joyous labor of love to write.

So hey, y’all, go ahead and buy it, okay?

Ah, for those of you who are not entirely familiar with Tennessee Williams, here is his Wikipedia page

Ever onward, EDDIE

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