Jerome Poynton has an eclectic background, from working in an envelope factory in Seattle, Washington to being Herbert Huncke‘s literary executor. He has produced plays, short films and the 2012 feature That’s Beautiful Frank. He contributed the biographical sketch for The Herbert Huncke Reader (William Morrow, 1997) and was a contributing editor to Captured: The Film and Video History of the Lower East Side (Seven Story Press, 2005), compiled by Clayton Patterson of the Outlaw Art Museum on Essex Street (New York City). Jerome is presently working on a transsexual murder mystery, as well as continuing his research for an eventual biography entitled Herbert Huncke’s America.

In addition to any Jerome Poynton contributions that appear here, be sure to read his fascinating essay in photo-eye magazine, Robert Frank, Gunslinger with Camera

Jerome Poynton (and cinematographer Martina Radwan) on the set of the film That’s Beautiful Frank. Photo © by Andy Lachance.

Jerry Poynton on a pommel horse (University of Michigan, 1975).