The Beer Mystic does Eddie Woods

Dear Friends,

I simply cannot resist sending this out. That’s how truly chuffed I am (as the English like to say).

bart plantenga, author of the fantabulously wild-cum-surrealistically inebriated novel Beer Mystic, is progressively penning a profile of each and every one of the 40-odd people/websites/magazines/blogs that are hosting chapters of his book. And now it’s my turn. bart’s piece on me is entitled “Eddie Don’t Do Beer.” And the lad is right. Except for the very occasional witbier or Weißbier (with a slice of lemon added!) on a hot summer’s afternoon, I am nowadays pretty much a gentleman wino.

For the rest of what bart has to say about yours truly, just click here

The magazine is of course Sensitive Skin. Within whose wonderful online pages I have had the pleasure of publishing more than once. And where, now that I’ve been kindly invited to contribute to their Daily blog section, I expect you’ll be seeing me again…as time goes by.

Oh, and while I’m at it, I must mention another little piece that recently appeared elsewhere. When Uke Jackson (who back in the early 80s I knew by a different name) found me via my website and nearly 30 years on got in touch. Here’s me on Uke’s blog

And hey, whatever your particular alcoholic ‘poison’ (and even if you’re a teetotaler), do yourself a huge favor and get to reading Beer Mystic!

Ciao for now, EDDIE

“I don’t care what anybody says about me, as long as it isn’t true.” – Truman Capote

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