The Eddie Woods Archive

Hello All,

As many of you know (hell, some of you are in there!), the Eddie Woods Archive was acquired by Stanford University in the summer of 2003. With another important file added in 2007. Now, at long last, practically the entire collection (except for Special Books & Magazines, which will be ready soon) has been processed and digitally cataloged. You can get to the electronic Finding Guide, as well as the Catalog Record, via the introduction page

Or, if you prefer, go directly to the Finding Guide

Bop around in there under the Table of Contents (right-hand side of the page). And then do name searches, if you like. By selecting Find under Edit on your web browser and typing in what you are looking for.

While you cannot actually view any of the material online, the Finding Guide will give you a pretty good idea of what’s in the archive. And yes, you can email or telephone request photocopies and such of individual items for a nominal fee. Information on how to go about that will be found by clicking on the appropriate headings (e.g., How to Request Materials, Duplication Services, etc) here

Stanford University Libraries is a fascinating academic treasure trove, housing a mouth-watering enormity of literary and artistic collections. Any and all visits will be richly rewarded. So y’know, go for it. And enjoy!

I am presently discussing future archive acquisitions with my Stanford curator. As an awful lot of additional material has accumulated in my files since the initial inventory was closed. But these things take time…back to which in a sec.

First, however, a brief word on several exciting projects that you’ll be hearing more about in due course.

* My book Tsunami of Love: A Poems Cycle will soon be published by Barncott Press (London) in a Kindle edition. After which a steady stream of further titles is anticipated. Including books by other poets and writers; e.g., Richard Jurgens (his poetry cycle One Summer), bart plantenga (Spermatagonia: The Isle of Man), et cetera. And from me Notes of a Native Alien (prose writings), Whores & Other Lovers (poems and photos), and so on.

* Release on audio cassette (by Sloow Tapes in Belgium) of my recording The Faerie Princess & Other Poems is imminent! Indeed, I’ll be sending out an announcement mailing within a matter of days. Yeah, yeah, I know. But cassettes are in fashion again! Ditto LPs on vinyl.

* New Antique Records (London) are arranging for the online downloading (via Amazon, iTunes, etc) of my audio albums Dangerous Precipice and Tsunami of Love. The entire CDs or individual tracks, your choice. With more to follow over the coming months.

* Unrequited Records (San Francisco), together with Ins & Outs Press, are planning a next-year release on CD (and possibly vinyl) of both Jack Micheline in Amsterdam (1982 live recording) and Herbert Huncke’s 1987 reading at Ins & Outs, Guilty of Everything. Till now Jack’s dynamic performance has only been available on audio cassette. Whereas Herbert’s reading (correct, with the same name as his famous book) has been patiently waiting in the wings to see the light of publication day ever since it went down, to an absolutely packed house. These two recordings will thereby join Harold Norse Of Course in the Unrequited catalog. Don’t have that one yet? Then go here and order

* A talented lady filmmaker in Amsterdam has expressed interest in working with me on a film presentation of my classic poem “Mary.”

* Ah, and re an animated film version of “The Faerie Princess”…serious discussions are already taking place! But that’s a much longer road. One that will eventually require raising the (not inconsiderable) funds to finance it. Nonetheless, I am cautiously hopeful.

Will I get rich from any of the above? Haha, hardly. Although enshallah some pennies should, over time, trickle in from the Kindles and the online downloads. And as said, future Stanford acquisitions are a distinct possibility. Still (and no matter how quickly the work involved and the negotiations proceed) this is unlikely to occur sooner than sometime in 2013, at the earliest.

In the meantime I am (guess what!) flat broke and without an income. No pension (I’m not ‘officially entitled,’ anywhere), no annuity, no savings; nada. Hence, apart from the occasional paying gig + every now & then selling a book or CD, I am entirely dependent on patronage, sponsorship. Which at the moment, given the current economic climate, is in rather short supply. My dear friend (and special guardian angel) Jane continues to provide me with shelter. And help out in whatever other ways she can. Yet the financial strain on her is rapidly growing close to unbearable. She could even end up losing her apartment if she’s not careful. Which is to say, if I don’t pdq find some bucks. So hey, I need money! Regular monthly contributions to the ‘Eddie Woods Benevolent Association’ (all amounts welcome) would be sweet. And/or a one-off donation, however large or small. As usual, and understandably, the majority of you receiving this are in no position to act. But for those who can, and are so inclined, here is my PayPal

Or email me and ask how to otherwise send.

Fame doesn’t concern me. (The English poet & playwright Heathcote Williams says it’s ‘the first disgrace.’) Respect and admiration are always appreciated. Good health is a blessing to remain constantly grateful for. But alas, it’s only hard cold cash that can keep me going and allow me to keep writing. That’s what I do. It is my work, my dedication. It’s my life.

Thank you for reading this. And stay tuned for those upcoming announcement mailings.

God bless, and with love, EDDIE

“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to Truth: not going all the way, and not starting.” – Buddha