The Faerie Princess & Other Poems

Hello again, dear people.

I do not usually send out back-to-back mailings. But I did say in my previous mail that this announcement would be coming soon.

And so…

The Faerie Princess & Other Poems
has just been released on audio cassette by Sloow Tapes in Belgium!

And I’m sure some of you out there still have cassette players -:)

Anyway, it is a great recording! 50 glorious minutes in total.

On side A there’s “The Faerie Princess” (my erotic fairy tales in verse); followed by 11 shorter poems, all of them likewise erotic.

While side B has my first-ever public recitation of “The Second Coming of Kali.”

You can read more about it here

This is a limited edition of 100 copies. If you scroll down on the Slow Tapes home page, you will see that nearly all the cassettes on offer sell out very quickly. Louise Landes Levi’s was gone in less than two weeks. Same for the recently-released Simon Vinkenoog tape. Et cetera.

So if I were you, I’d place an order real soon!

Unless you are in Amsterdam and likely to bump into me (I’ll have a mere handful to sell personally), you must purchase from Sloow Tapes directly.

Email to:

Prices vary depending on postage to where you are.

But it’s not expensive. And is well worth every penny.

Poetry lives!

Cheers, EDDIE

Sloow Tapes home page

“Once upon a future time,

Before the serpents were,

There lived a faerie princess;

 Perchance you’ve dreamed of her…”

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