Tsunami of Love reviewed

Dear Friends,

My book Tsunami of Love: A Poems Cycle has been reviewed several times.
Reviewed in print publications and online. Reviewed from Brooklyn to
Kathmandu and from Edinburgh to Amsterdam. And always favorably. Now it has
been reviewed again, by Mark McCawley in Urban Graffiti magazine. Only this
time it is a review of the Kindle edition (published in 2012), as well as
the CD version (with me reciting the entire collection). It’s an amazing
review, one that has rendered me both breathless and incredibly humbled. And
the latter even though I tend to agree with Lenny Bruce that ‘humility is
the worst form of ego.’ I mean, to be compared to Leonard Cohen (my favorite
living poet and songwriter!), and my book to one of his, is beyond awesome.
It is out-of-sight joy making. I feel truly honored.

So please do read this latest review now

As you will see, imbedded in the review are two audio samples. Plus there’s
the ordering information, for both the Kindle and the online downloads of
the CD. If you do not already have Tsunami of Love, either in Kindle or in
print, then I hope you will consider purchasing it. But hey, here’s an offer
for you. An offer I am sure you will not want to refuse. IF (and I do mean
IF!) you absolutely cannot afford the Kindle edition, yet do have either an
eBook device or the free Amazon Kindle desktop app, then I will email you
the Kindle file for free! Just let me know which is better for you, a .mobi
file or an .epub file. (Nooks, for instance, seem to prefer the .epub file.
Whereas the desktop app is fine with the .mobi file.) But don’t put me on,
y’hear? Don’t say you’re too broke to buy when in fact you ain’t. And most
importantly, only ask if you really want to read Tsunami of Love. I reckon
you should read it, ‘cos it’s a damn good book. Yet I’m not about to go
twisting your arm or anything. You can send me an email from here

I have long considered Tsunami of Love to be among my best poetical works.
Possibly on a par with “Mary,” the poem I am currently engaged (together
with Yarre Stooker) in making a film adaptation of, starring the ‘virgin
whore poetess’ Win Harms in the title role. Yet “Mary” is one thing, and
this is Tsunami time. The tale of the rise and fall of my incredible love
affair with the lady I now think of as Tsunami Jenny. And think of lovingly
and with affection, mind you. It cannot be otherwise, as I continue to feel
love towards all my many lovers, living and dead. What they think (or
thought) of me is their business. Though thankfully most feel (or felt) the
same as I do. There is no space in my memory bank for storing recollections
of the downsides of my numerous relationships, other than with a smile and a
touch of amusement. All that counts are the beautiful moments we shared.
While concerning Jenny Brookes, what we experienced is at once immortalized
and thoroughly documented, as is she. In Tsunami of Love, in the various
reviews, on my Wikipedia page, and in my archive at Stanford University (the
Jenny Brookes file, a detailed listing of which is available on the
internet). I spell that out in the poem “Later Lyrical Musings”:

I am not one to hide behind clouds of mystery.
Once I get talking, my life is an open book.
But that comes with a price, namely so is yours.
When you captured me, it went with the territory.

Oh, if you go (from the review) to the Barncott Press page for Tsunami of
, you’ll find a preview of the book. Read that and decide, whether to
buy (c’mon guys, spring!) or ask TFE to lay it on you for free. Gee, my
overwhelming generosity comes close to overwhelming me, tee-hee.

With love, EDDIE

Urban Graffiti magazine

Barncott Press

Eddie Woods Wikipedia

Eddie Woods archive (Stanford University)

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