Tsunami of Love: the Kindle edition!

Hello Book Lovers!

As many of you know, Tsunami of Love: A Poems Cycle appeared in print in September 2005. While two years later, I released a CD version, with me reciting the entire cycle. Now Barncott Press in London has published the book in an Amazon Kindle edition, complete with a newly expanded introduction.

Read that introduction, view the contents, check out various comments and excerpts from reviews by clicking on the image of the book once you’re at the Amazon page.

Tsunami of Love is available from several Amazon online outlets, including Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon Italy and Amazon Spain

Those in other countries will likely want to use either amazon.com or amazon.co.uk

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And then, whether to your Kindle or iPad or laptop or whatever, quick like bunnies download the book!

Tsunami of Love has been reviewed from New York to Scotland and from Amsterdam to Kathmandu. Some of the reviews were in print publications, others were online. Three of those reviews are here:

Richard Livermore in Chanticleer

Jim Feast in The Brooklyn Rail

And again in the Evergreen Review

* Anyone wanting to obtain a print copy of Tsunami of Love and/or the CD, can do so by clicking here

* As soon as it’s up at all the eventual outlets, I shall be announcing New Antique Records’ release of the Tsunami of Love CD for online downloading. But if you prefer not to wait, you can already get it here

* Radio Joy did a mesmerizing soundscape version of the two longer poems from Tsunami of Love. Click here for the free podcast

Cheers, EDDIE

Tsunami of Love is a marvelous series of love poems. The way Eddie Woods has woven the grief of his private life into a breathtaking sequence of poetry is pure magic.”
          – Yuyutsu R.D. Sharma, writing in The Kathmandu Post