Karla Faye Tucker poem


An eye for an eye…leaves the whole world blind
Mohandas K. Gandhi

She had a good run
is basically what they said
of Karla Faye Tucker

Fourteen years
to make her peace with God
before we went ahead and killed her

Yet America has made peace with no one
least of all itself
and that goes double for the State of Texas

In God We Trust
it says on the almighty dollar bill
like the ones they use
to pay for those injections

They think they are better
than the Chinese
by not charging for the bullet

But still they insist
on separation of politics and conscience
the perennial rule of ego and fear

Really making progress, America is
especially down there
in the wild-west heart of Dixie

More or less used to be
only poor black males
had to watch their maybe-murdering asses

Now the powers-that-be
will sock it with merciless equanimity
to pretty white womenfolk, as well

All the more surely, it seems
if while doing long time
the lady actually finds redemption

Pat Robertson couldn’t turn them around
a word from the Pope aroused only anger:
no Polack priest gonna tell us how to act

And you can bet your bottom prayer book
we were never meant to hear bo-peep
from the very irreverent Billy Graham–
which would have done the trick, you know

A lethal shot is so humane
perfectly painless, we hear tell;
but how the hell would they know
without themselves experiencing it?

The church was closed
later that day after Karla died
so the best I could do
was light a candle in my heart

Her mind was clear
her soul finally stainless

But it will take more
than candles and prayer
to wake America up
from its sugar-coated nightmare
of constant murder

The death penalty
must be dead and gone

In the USA today, however
that chick with the scales
and the blindfold on
is also deaf and dumb to justice

I bite my tongue
but still I must say it:
Forgive them, Father

And against hope I pray
they will someday know
they evil they so willfully do.

February 7th 1998

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